Weekend Links / / Wonder Woman Nights

Weekend Links / / Wonder Woman Nights

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This is an exciting week for the Shorts! The week began with a relaxing Father’s Day. The weather wasn’t ideal, but the night ended with Jordan’s choice of take-out (tacos) and the new Beauty and the Beast. Tuesday night friends of ours graciously offered to baby-sit Phoenix, while we caught a movie. If you have a chance to see Wonder Woman, I highly recommend it. It is the perfect summer blockbuster.

My monthly wine club met last night. I’ve attended almost every month since November (when Phoenix was only four months! ack!). In addition to being a fun girls night, I leave with wine knowledge. We’re not buying fancy bottles, but I discover wines I like and dislike. I purchased a Sauvignon Blanc (the theme for the night) from get this, ALDI, and it was chosen as the winner last night. Aldi is winning wine awards.

Today is designated for grocery shopping and weekend prep. I leave for a girls weekend tomorrow. Wish me luck! This is my first time being away from Phoenix for a night.

Onto the links!

Sweet Potato Burger with Avocado Lime SauceDo you eat veggie burgers? I’ve recently begun keeping Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers (from Costco) in our freezer for quick weeknight meals. I don’t keep millet around but I imagine quinoa would work!

What Mom Attribute Do You Rock At | Everyone struggles with accepting and voicing what they are good at. It’s like we are programmed to openly acknowledge our negatives, but mentioning an attribute you excel in is considered boasting. That’s not a healthy way to live.

I’m able to change course without judging myself (i.e. supplementing with formula) but my day-to-day organization is not great. I’ll be the mom who forgets to send a permission slip.

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo | Three ingredient dry shampoo?  I can’t wait to try! Any leftover bentonite clay can also be used as a face mask.

Seven Favorite Outfits for Summer | Nashville has hot summers. There isn’t anyway around sweating. I recently went to Madewell and walked away with several items for summer with a gift card I was hanging on to for far too long! Among my haul I purchased the softest pair of chambray pull-on shorts (on sale for $19!). My go-to summer outfit is to pair the shorts with a gray tank, Birkenstocks, and ball cap.

I feel put together in this outfit, its nursing friendly, and appropriate for chasing Phoenix around!

Invoice Easier with Inly | My husband is a business owner and between the two of us, we send a lot of invoices. I hated using Quickbooks, but it’s the service we used until Inly! Inly is a beautiful and intuitive invoice system for business owners created by friends of ours. My husband and I switched to Inly a few months ago and we’ll never go back. Take a look around, I know you’ll love it!

Happy Weekend, all!

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Wonder Woman Nights”

  1. I hope you have a fun weekend away and you can relax. I’m sure it will be hard to be away from the baby for the first time! On another note, I’m loving the pink hair. I’ve been growing my hair out for Locks of Love so I haven’t been doing a hair coloring in almost two years! I’m excited to do something fun with it once I get it cut!!

  2. I thought I saw a glimpse of pink hair in your insta stories, love it! Also, love the wine club idea. I saw your pick on insta too (starting to feel creepy ) and you can’t go wrong with a BZ Sav Blanc. Congrats on your win ☺️.

    1. Okay. I’m coping the rules from our FB group. 😉

      The Rules:

      Every person should bring a bottle of wine. This month’s theme is SHIRAZ!! Bring any bottle of Shiraz, whether you’ve tried it before or not! I suggest keeping bottles under $20 so that nobody breaks the bank.

      Also bring an appetizer and/or dessert to share with the group.

      We will place the bottles in paper bags (it’s a blind taste) and label them with letters ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and so on. We will score them on a 1-5 system where we’ll write the scores down on our own index cards. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

      The owner of the bottle with the most amount of points picks next month’s wine theme. The owner of the bottle rated the worst has the distinct honor of hosting the next party. ;]

      It’s so much fun!

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