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Planning | Phoenix’s birthday party and our trip to Chicago this summer. We also plan to visit NYC in the fall, so I am looking at dates and flight prices. Jordan and I are both ready to get out-of-town!

Wishing | The wet spring weather didn’t flare my sinuses up so much! I love the rain, but I hate the headaches that follow.

Learning |Airbnb pros and cons. We are considering hosting our home on Airbnb while we are away a few times a year. Nashville has interesting laws, but I still think it could be beneficial considering we have a whole house and are only 10 minutes from downtown.

Browsing | Furniture online. Speaking of Airbnb, we first have to invest in more furniture. All furniture we need anyway, but it gives us a little more incentive. We are leaning towards this leather sofastraw ottoman, and chair for our main room. Our current couch is eight years old and cloth and I’d rather sell it now before a major toddler stain happens!

Going | Playdates aka mom dates! It’s easy for me to fall into the routine of running small errands with Phoenix and cleaning around the house. It’s much more fun to get out with friends, even though coordinating around different nap schedules isn’t always easy.

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  1. Mom dates are essential to my sanity. It is hard to work around nap times though. I gave in this week and my friend and I had a coffee date and then a big walk so the babies could nap. I usually make sure I’m home for naps, but sometimes I need adult time and she was just fine with a slightly shorter nap. I think it will be easier once they are down to one nap but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  2. Grab us a new couch while you’re at it! I would love to go furniture shopping.

    I’m so excited you guys are planning a trip to NYC! I’ll live through you when it happens.

  3. First birthday party!! We’ve got a Chicago trip planned for this weekend to do kid stuff with Hendrik and we’re super excited. All the ages of kids have their fun parts, but until now the travel part to do family outings like the aquarium wasn’t quite as fun 😉 Loooove the couch + chair + ottoman ideas, and I hope you’ll do some home style posts when you get things arranged!

  4. We have SO much furniture to purchase in the new house I don’t even know where to begin -ha! I know it’ll be a slow process but I’m anxious to get some things in place.

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