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Most days it feels as though Jordan and I are constantly juggling childcare. No joke, this week, we had four different sitters for four different days. Usually, our sitters are not for nights out together, BUT this week was a different story. Monday evening we went to see one of our favorite (maybe my favorite?) bands live, Phoenix! We last saw them in 2013.

While listening to their albums, you don’t immediately think they’d put on a high energy show, but they are amazing live. Funnily enough, we didn’t think of the name Phoenix (for our son) until we met another Phoenix in person.

Our time alone continued into Tuesday. Tuesday morning I scheduled a sitter so Jordan and I could have a work date! Shoutout to Kelsey who constantly sings the praises of day-dates. We had four hours and knocked a lot out, including invoicing for Jordan’s business and several photo sessions I needed. I hope to make these day-dates a regular occurrence.

Onto the links!

BBQ “Chicken” Jackfruit | Some of you might remember I stopped eating meat for a while right before I got pregnant. I don’t have a moral objection to eating meat, but I recognized I feel better when I don’t eat it. I’d much rather add an egg and pile on extra vegetables. Trader Joe’s recently started carrying canned jackfruit which mimics pulled meat. Have you tried jackfruit yet?

How to Prepare for a Blog Photoshoot | When I first started blogging (and still now at times) I was so disorganized! I never thought about taking batch photos. Summer’s tips, including bringing water (check) and planning outfits and accessories (check), were key in how smooth our morning went.

How to Ask Useful Questions | I will be referencing this article again and again.

The Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Summer | Do you listen to the podcast, What Should I Read Next? Anne also writes the popular book blog, Modern Mrs Darcy. I’m a slow reader, but I’m currently tearing through Brooklyn.

Creative Workspaces | Kendra has started a new series on her blog all about creative workspaces! My favorite piece in Hannah’s home is the “Ya Girl” wall decal.

Happy Weekend, all!

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20 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Day Dates”

  1. What awesome links this week! I have tried Jackfruit but in the premartinated packages, which were good. We’ve begun shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market instead of TJs (they just opened near us) and we LOVE their food options. Is it weird to feel like I’m cheating on Trader Joe’s? Anyways, I love that they’re carrying jackfruit now and that you can marinate it however you like. I personally love the texture and it really is like eating meat!

    And I was just reading Modern Mrs. Darcy this week and found a number of books I’d love to pick up this summer. I just need to get through my goal of reading the Harry Potter books. Only a couple books left!

    Happy weekend!

    1. Sprouts are “sprouting” up in Nashville but I work across the street from Whole Foods and TJ’s so I doubt I’ll make the switch. PLUS, we live 5 minutes from Costco. I’m like in grocery story heaven. If you ever go on a road trip I suggest getting the HP on CD from the library. They are really great audiobooks!

  2. Oh my gosh I totally know that feeling – I often find myself thinking that I’m spending a good half of my time arranging and planning and fretting about childcare schedules. We’re hoping to finally get something a bit more permanent in place for next fall to take some of that constant thinking about it out of my brain!

    Yay for fun day dates though – being productive together might not sound like the most romantic, but there’s something so fabulous about it after becoming a parent, don’t you think? It gives you a little of that old “just married” magic back 😉

    And I am a huge Modern Mrs. Darcy fan. Super excited about her summer reading guide – I already have 2 of them from the library!

    1. We loved it! It felt really special. I have Phoenix on two wait lists for Mother’s Day Out programs for the fall. They start at 12 months. I hope he gets in because we’ll have something permanent for at least two days. We’ll see though!

  3. ‘Brooklyn’ was so sweet. I really related to the feelings of homesickness when I read it. (We were in CA at the time.)

    I’ve never heard of jackfruit…interesting!

    I love that you guys just happened to name him Phoenix and your fav band is Phoenix. I don’t think our kid would be so thrilled if we named him/her Circa Survive. (Also, I read this post this morning and then spent an hour jamming to Phoenix while cleaning, so thanks for that! Came back to comment and read more blogs after.)

    1. Phoenix is fun to jam too. Yeah — it’s weird that we never thought about the name. Especially since naming a child after a city is pretty common. I like how quickly Brooklyn reads. I just finished reading Sweetbitter and it was a bit of a slog though I found myself needing to just finish it.

  4. I definitely need to be checking out jackfruit…I’m not sure how available it is in Australia, but definitely something to check out! Thank you for sharing all of those links! Batch photos never crossed my mind

  5. Ahhhhh It’s so nice y’all were able to have so much GOOD date time together. <3
    I am loving these links!
    That recipe looks scrumptious, I love the post about knocking out a few shoots in one planned session, and those creative workspaces = yes!

  6. Sounds like a very busy week! Day dates are awesome. My husband and I use to go to the movies. Most of the times they would be totally empty, which is nice!

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