Weekend Links / / Beginning of Summer

Weekend Links / / Beginning of Summer

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The highlight of my week was spending Sunday afternoon with my college roommate. Her family (including her four-week old baby boy) passed through town on their way to their vacation destination. Planning moments like this, months in advance (with three kids!) might not actually workout. But, it did! The predicted rain held off, giving us time to catch up while the kids played.

Sarah and I bonded over our love for Gilmore Girls. Even after I transferred to a different school, I drove to the school every Tuesday night to watch Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. 🙂 Did you have a good roommate experience in college?

In other news, my hormonal acne is flaring up again. Between infertility medications, pregnancy and breastfeeding my body has gone through a lot of transitions. I’m not surprised by my acne, but I am annoyed! I went through an elimination diet a few years ago and sadly, I discovered diet changes don’t really do much for my hormonal acne. BOO. Have any of you used Mario Badescu’s drying lotion?

Onto the links!

Chocolate Hummus | I have a major sweet tooth. I love the idea of combining unsweetened cocoa powder and chickpeas to create a creamy chocolate dip for fruit!

This I Would Tell A New Mom | Nelle has such a gentle spirit. This phrase says it all, “if you’re trying, you’re doing a great job.“. Were you given a piece of advice that really helped you through the early months? I tell people to download the Wonder Weeks app. It helps to understand their developmental leaps.

The Art of the Midwestern Garage Sale | Do other parts of the country have as many garage sales as the midwest? Garage sales are quintessential to the midwestern experience. My mom and mother-in-law love a good garage sale. Jordan and I don’t bother. HA. Once we decide to rid ourselves of something it goes into the donate bin.

DIY Ginger Brew | I love using ginger beer in cocktails (Gin & Gingers are my favorite right now), but ginger beer adds a lot of extra sugar. The benefit of making a ginger concentrate is you can add as little or as much ginger syrup to sparkling water. You are able to control the sugar content!

Summer Pants that Aren’t Jeans | I do not wear jeans in the summer. Well, during the day at least. I might wear jeans to dinner or to an air-conditioned event. Otherwise, its shorts or dresses. A few summer’s ago I picked up these pants, but they don’t fit quite right anymore. When I read Kilee’s blog, I appreciate how she details real life styling tips.

Happy Weekend, all!

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Beginning of Summer”

  1. I do use Mario Badescu’s drying lotion, and it works exceptionally well! Other things that have helped tame (though not eradicate) my crazy hormonal acne are washing my face with African black soap and taking DIM supplements to balance out my excess estrogen. And I love this post about pants that aren’t jeans! Wearing jeans in the summer is the worst, but I don’t really have nay other pants. These styling ideas are so helpful!

  2. Summer pants that aren’t jeans…I like this idea as it’s always too hot for jeans, but I kind of hate shorts. All of her outfits are so cute! I’m trying out a romper in the meantime – somehow I like the fit/look of the shorts on that way better than regular shorts.

    Have a great weekend – happy start of summer!

  3. Ohhh I need some of those summer pants that aren’t jeans.
    I love that you met up with your college roommate over the weekend too! I had a great roommate experience as well. We even both transferred to the same different college after two years at our first one. (I was a semester behind her, though; I took a semester off.) We were both each others’ maids of honor. It’s rare you find such a special person that you connect with like that; it’s especially awesome if you can live together and still feel that way.

  4. I hear you on the acne thing! Such a pain! I finally went to the dermatologist a few months back. I got some prescriptions and that’s the only thing that has worked. 🙁 Glad you got to have some good roommate time though! Hope you’re having a fun weekend!

    1. I’m still breastfeeding so I can’t use a lot of the heavy acne treatments. I’m trying lots of different things BUT once he’s weaned I’m going to use an oral antibiotic to clear up any lingering bacteria.

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