Phoenix at 10 Months

Phoenix 10 Months Update

Phoenix turned 10 months on Saturday. We attended a birthday party at the zoo on Saturday and it’s hard to believe Phoenix’s first birthday is in two months! And I have planned zero things for it. Well, that’s not totally true. We have a few ideas in mind, but emphasis on the in mind portion.

Scheduling wise Phoenix takes two naps a day. Occasionally he’ll have a bad nap day, but we have found a good rhythm as of late. Phoenix and I run errands or go on a playdate in-between his naps. I honestly don’t mind having to bend towards his nap schedule, as I’m thankful he takes his naps so willingly! Bedtime is still between 6-6:30. Phoenix wakes up 0-2 times a night. Most of the time it’s once.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but because Phoenix was a breech baby his left hip was slightly dislocated at birth. Nothing too concerning, but we still met with an Orthopedic Surgeon. He’s had several follow-ups (including an ultrasound and x-ray) and his hip looks great. We don’t have to go back until the fall.

Phoenix has 6 teeth! We still have really rough teething days — days when he’s clingy and fussy and wants nothing except to be held and even then he’s not completely satisfied. Those days I hate leaving him with baby-sitters. Not because I feel guilty going to work, but because it’s hard enough for me to deal with his fussiness and I’m the mom!

In the last two weeks Phoenix has become more interested in food. He inhales a whole banana in a few minutes! It’s hilarious. He loves cheese and black beans. I hope to breastfeed until at least 15-18 months, but I’m planing on following Phoenix’s lead when it comes to weaning.

The most exciting piece of news is Phoenix officially says mama! It is joy to my ears even though I know he’s only babbling. He also babbles using the G sound and N.

What was your babies favorite food at 10 months?

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10 thoughts on “Phoenix at 10 Months”

  1. Such a cutie, I love your videos and pics of him. I’m the same way about scheduling things around nap time. It can be a pain, but we are both happier for it! Leighton is OBSESSED with peas. Like will drop whatever other food if she spots one pea.

  2. Aww, Catherine, this is all so exciting!! The teeth, the eating lots of foods, saying MAMA?!?! This is such a fun stage and it only gets better and better because they get more interactive! 🙂

  3. Yay for a good rhythm! And introducing new foods was such a fun part of the younger days… Hendrik always loved avocado in chunks or mashed up (still does!). He loved yogurt and alllll the fruits at that age too (and of course, still yes on that!). I loved making baby food for him.

    Fun to see how big your boy is getting. Cuter and cuter too! 🙂

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