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Baking | A granola recipe I shared years ago. To keep the recipe even more simple, I omit the dried fruit and use only oats and pecans (or whatever nuts I have on hand). One day I added honey and realized a honey/maple syrup combination creates a better chewy consistency.

Our go-to breakfast of late is yogurt or an acai bowl with granola and berries. Sometimes I add chia seeds on top for added crunch.

Listening (to) | Sylvan Esso and Feist’s new albums. I listen to so many podcasts I often forget to keep up with new music!

Loving | Family Sundays. It took months for Phoenix to get on a schedule, so I don’t jeopardize nap times often. Lately, we found skipping Phoenix’s second nap (once a week) to go to friend’s house or party doesn’t create meltdowns or bad habits for the week. Getting out of the house, all together, as a family helps to break up the monotony of the week.

Planting | We moved into a new build and landscaping was already put in, thankfully, because we don’t have the time for major gardening. I would like to pot a few herbs and place them on our front porch.

Remembering | May of last year when I looked like this!

China Town San Francisco

Jordan and I had arrived from our California trip with rejuvenated energy to prepare for Phoenix’s arrival in July. Time moves by slow and quick all at the same time. 😉

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  1. That granola recipe sounds good! I’ve never tried making my own but I’m sure it would be a hit with the family. I also listen to so many podcasts that I forget to listen to new music. I love family time on the weekends. I love how you figured out how to make it work for your family! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Its so crazy because you blink and then they dont need naps. Alot of pros and cons and mixed feelings when that time comes, but it does make outings a whole lot more enjoyable! I’ve never made my own granola and have been curious…

  3. Isn’t it amazing the difference a year can make?! 🙂 And that nap schedule/fun time balance is kind of hard sometimes, isn’t it? We were always pretty strict about keeping up with nap time (especailly once Hendrik transitioned to 1/day), but it did make things not so flexible for doing any other afternoon activities. Now that all we have is “rest time” (wahhhhhh!), I am trying to focus on appreciating the chance we have to try out some other things around town in the middle of the afternoon that we might have missed before…

    1. Phoenix’s morning nap tends to be his longest so I don’t skip that one! Life got so much easier when we switched to two naps and I can imagine how even more simple one nap will be…(and I don’t blame you for guarded it — I don’t plan on skipping when we move to one nap).

  4. Whoa! It’s a lot of changes in a year! The granola recipe is fantastic! It just might become my favorite breakfast option 🙂

  5. I highly recommend a potted herb garden; even one big planter would do. I am trying to love my new herb garden but some of them aren’t looking so great and I think they would have done better in a planter on my porch.

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