Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Before I go into our ant invasion, let’s backtrack to Easter Sunday. Jordan, Phoenix, and myself joined our friends for an Easter lunch at their neighbor’s house. It was a lovely meal. We also snuck in some family photos! We went with the understanding Phoenix would be skipping his afternoon nap. I had no idea how Phoenix would handle the day, but he did so great. Being outside, surrounded by nature and friends, gave him the right amount of distraction.

So, yes, back to ants. I noticed a few ants on our side porch on Tuesday, but I didn’t think much of it. Well, by Wednesday morning ants were all over our kitchen! ACK! I immediately called pest control and set up an account. In the meantime, I googled natural remedies. I soaked cotton balls in a paste mixture of water, borax, and powdered sugar (I’m sure regular sugar will work too). I placed the cotton balls on paper plates luring the ants while tricking them to go back home. It actually worked quite well! Homeownership, yay!

I’m hoping for a more relaxing weekend — one without ants!

Onto the links!

Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion

Spring Accessories Under $50 + Gigi Pip Hats | I was unfamiliar with the hat boutique, Gigi Pip, until reading Carly’s blog. I’m particularly obsessed with this seagrass sun hat. Now I’m dreaming of a sunny vacation so I have a reason to wear it!

Trader Joe’s Meal Ideas for Busy Moms | This is a public Facebook group I recently discovered. As someone who shops at Trader Joe’s frequently I often don’t know what to do with all of their special sauces and fresh and frozen meal additives. What is your favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe’s? They have unsweetened Acai packets now!

Orange Mango Smoothie | My go-to smoothie is simple: almond milk, spinach, and banana. Creamy, sweet, full of greens — just how I like it. Anvita’s orange mango smoothie sounds perfect for a sluggish morning when you need a little sunshine pick-me-up.

Paramore — Hard Times | I used to watch music videos religiously. Anyone else race home in time for MTV’s TRL to begin? I don’t pay as much attention to music videos anymore, but Paramore’s latest single happens to also be a really fun video. It’s poppy and colorful and if you have kids (who like music) they’ll like it too.

DIY Zig Zag Coat Rack | Jordan and I don’t DIY. The idea of it is appealing but our free-time is limited. We’ve also never had a garage to store tools and thus haven’t invested in many tools outside of hammers and drills. This Zig Zag coat rack looks like something, hopefully, my dad can help us with this summer! I’d love to hang it in Phoenix’s room.

Happy (ant free) Weekend, all!

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Ant Invasion”

  1. I’m glad you were able to get the ants taken care of! They can be so annoying, and I’m always wondering how they find their way in in the first place. Ugh.

  2. Every spring, right before my peonies bloom, we get a major ant invasion. Tarro on little cardboard pieces does the trick. It’s always a week long eradication and it’s always annoying

    1. Ohh good to know! Lauren mentioned (because there is so much construction going on near us) we’ll probably experience bug issues as the ground is shaking things up that were buried.

  3. Those pictures are beautiful!

    Ugh, I’ll have to try that ant trick. We have some roaming around the living room, I think courtesy of the toddler constantly dropping snacks on the floor.

  4. I love the new Paramore!! I’m so excited for the whole album to come out. I have no doubt it will be great.

    We have an ant invasion too, in our bathroom of all places. They’re actually coming in through the light socket by the mirror, which is bizarre to me. I should have tried something more natural, but Tarro ant bait has done the trick, I think.

  5. oh my gosh.
    I'm going to join that trader joes FB group – yess ma'am i'm obsessed with TJs!
    Also a friend of mine and I were just talking the other day how we haven't heard from Paramore in forever!

    1. Thank you!! Haley got married so I think they were all wanted to enjoy life a bit after touring like crazy on their last album (We’re friends with one of their touring members).

  6. Love that smoothie too!!! And I joined the FB group! I live at TJ so those will come in handy when my mom brain tells me to make the same meals over and over again haha

  7. I love your family photos! You all look amazing. 🙂 Thank you for the blog love! I hope you get an awesome hat (to go along with that sunny vacation). xo

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