Phoenix at Nine Months

Phoenix at Nine Months an Update

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Nine months. How are we here already? Phoenix’s month eight update left off right before our five-hour road trip to St. Louis. This was Phoenix’s third road trip, but my first solo drive. How was it you ask? Well, Phoenix cried for most of the drive but we managed. Nap training has been a saving grace for us, but this always means Phoenix doesn’t nap on the go anymore.

Phoenix had his well-visit today so I have updated stats. He is 28 inches tall (40th percentile) and weighs 15.15 lbs (4th percentile). We love our petite little guy.

Phoenix at Nine Months an Update

While in St. Louis and the week following, Phoenix hit a rough teething patch. He was clingy and waking up extra in the night. After a particularly challenging night we discovered he had a blood blister on his top lip. No wonder it hurt to nurse! Thankfully, besides the occasional clingy afternoon, he is back to his usual self. I did order a teething necklace. I’m not sure it’s a total game changer, but the company gives 50% of their profits to care for orphans in Kaliningrad, the source of their Baltic Amber.

He babbles regularly and his quite my little shadow. The only “word” he says is da da. I’m counting down the days until I hear ma ma. 🙂 I really love this babyhood stage. He sleeps better and is generally as predictable as a baby can be. This predictability makes scheduling playdates so much easier! Phoenix had such epic meltdowns I didn’t spend a lot of time with other moms and babies until recently.

He takes two naps a day ranging for 2.5-3 hours total and goes to bed at 6pm. Phoenix wakes up 1-2 times to eat, but sleeps until 6:30-7am! As soon as he is done eating, I transfer him back to his crib and he rolls right over and falls back asleep.

Looking back at our challenging sleep journey, I now realize Phoenix needs a lot of sleep. As a newborn, he just had a hard time settling down enough to sleep. Thankfully, we’ve all found a better rhythm.

Phoenix loves to nurse and continues to nurse on demand (am/pm and before/after each nap). His favorite foods are bananas, peas, and puffs. Most of his calories still come from nursing or formula (when I’m at work). I don’t plan on weaning anytime soon, but we’ll see what he desires in the coming months.

What was your favorite activity to do with your nine month old?

Phoenix at Nine Months an Update

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8 thoughts on “Phoenix at Nine Months”

  1. He is such a cute, little guy! I’m always amazed at how mobile (and coordinated) he is in your insta stories. His routine sounds really similar to Leighton’s. It is so much easier to schedule things but at the same time I feel like a slave to the nap routine some days.

    1. He’s soo coordinated. I already get a workout keeping up with him. I appreciate the naps giving me downtime but I think life will be even more blissful when he’s on one long nap.

  2. how handsome is he??
    my husband is in the army and he has been deployed for over half of their lives — guess what BOTH of my kids first word was?? Da-Da. I was SO MAD! lol!

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