Weekend Links / / Survey Results

Weekend Links / / Survey Results

I thought for this weeks installment of Weekend Links I’d include the reader survey results. THANK YOU so much for filling my survey out. Your thoughtful comments gave me a lot to think about. Here is a breakdown of the survey results and my takeaways.

The majority of you have been reading longer than one year. Most of you find my posts through an RSS reader (such as Bloglovin’), which makes sense since many of you are also bloggers. 79% said to keep my post frequency the same. This surprised me since some weeks I only post twice. Maybe you also have a hard time keeping up with reading blogs everyday! Ideally, I like posting three times a week. Emphasis on ideally. 🙂

Motherhood, Weekend Links, Style and Travel are your favorite topics to read about. Motherhood won at 42%. Can I say I was surprised how many of you put travel as your favorite category. No one said travel was their least favorite topic to read about. This surprised me as travel posts often don’t receive a lot of interaction. Maybe those posts are fun to read and look at, but they don’t garner a reason to comment. Which is fine!

I made the mistake of having an other option for “least favorite posts to read” as that category won. I appreciated the commenters who said that while motherhood isn’t their favorite, they understand that is the stage of life I am in. Some want more opinions on politics where as others don’t. 😉 Generally, you want more candid observations on the categories I already share.

So, what does this all mean?

More travel posts (including favorite Nashville locations) style, motherhood musings and media favorites (music, podcasts etc.).

I asked for shower songs from everyone. I thought it’d be fun to compile them into a playlist. You can find it here! It’s a fun mix!

Onto the links!

7 Ways I Live Simply with a Toddler | Brittany always has practical, no-nonsense advice on living simply. I am someone who complicates my life on a regular basis. I’m terrible at lists and procedures. I write things done only to forget my list. Co-workers don’t believe me when I tell them I’m rather disorganized because I’m not at work!

Surviving the Puppy Stage with Little Ones at Home | Jordan and I go back and forth on whether we’ll ever have a dog. Probably, but not anytime soon. I know many of you do have pets so I thought these tips would be helpful!

When It’s Okay To Say No (As a New Mom) | Some have the personality to handle visitors stay with them right after having a baby. I am not one of those people. It’s important to guard your early parenting experience, so if it means saying no to visitors (or even items) don’t hesitate.

My New Korean Skin Care Routine Experience | My skin has hit a rough patch. Months of not sleeping is catching up to me! I’m considering purchasing a Clarisonic because my skin needs a good exfoliation. ANYWAY, did you know about the 12 step Korean skin care routine? I did not. CC and BB creams came from Asia and generally Koreans are known for their skin obsession.

What’s great about the routine is it doesn’t require you to purchase from a specific line — you simply choose products and apply them in a specific order. I’m going to look into it more, but I do know my skin is lacking something.

Hilaria Baldwin’s #FoundMomentWorkout | I have a major crush on Hilaria. Hiliaria is married to Alec Baldwin and has had three kids in three years. She is a vegan yoga instructor and has an amazing body. It would be easy for me to be jealous of how quickly her abs came back, but honestly her job is working out. Mine is not.

Recently, she started a new hashtag on Instagram, #foundmomentworkout. She shares little workouts (most of which require no equipment) that you can do throughout your day. I have not found time to regularly work out but her suggestions are exercises I can do while Phoenix is playing on the floor in his room. I have to remind myself working out is not all or nothing.

Happy Weekend, all!

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Survey Results”

  1. I’ve been trying the Korean skin care routine too!
    Also I loved hearing the results of your reader survey! I love all of your posts – and I agree with the frequency! As a blogger while I would love to post every day it’s a lot of work and I also get behind on reading everyones posts! So i love the 2-3 times per week! It’s just enough content for me to not get too far behind on! ((i’m spelling that out because I didn’t get a chance to do your survey))

    Maybe I need to be more mindful of the products I’m looking at but they are SO. DANG. EXPENSIVE. I mean, I guess I have to invest in my face if I want to have nice skin… but I don’t know if I can do that yet! LOL
    These survey results are excellent, I really need to start analyzing my blog data!

  3. I love reading survey results. I did one last year and was so surprised by the responses. I really need to do another one this year because my page views are way down. Maybe it will help me figure out what’s going on.

  4. Ah! Revelation moment: I so believe that working out is all or nothing. I could use a mental shift on that one too, so I’m excited to check out that hashtag.

    And it was really fun to read the results of the survey. I think you’re spot on about the travel posts – they’re really fun to scroll through, but unless I’ve been to the place or am planning to travel there, I don’t interact with them a lot further, I think. But I always love some good travel pictures.

  5. Look into a Foreo (luna mini or such) instead of a Clairsonic – I have had one for a few years (got a reduced rate through sample share) and really like it- I can tell a difference when I dont use it, and it iso simple to use and clean.

  6. Forgot to add that I bookmark and save links to a lot of travel post here and there on the internet, and have on your site- no interaction this way obviously, but still a valuable/liked post topic 🙂

  7. The reader survey was such a good idea, and how interesting to hear the results of it!! I love you and your blog, so whatever you write about will be wonderful 🙂

  8. I love your travel posts because you’re such a great photographer! I always learn from and admire your perspective when shooting. Thanks for including my post and so many other great links! I loved the one about when to say no to help, and I’m definitely going to check out that hashtag. I need to find more pockets of time for working out.

  9. Your survey sounds really successful!

    I think I’m with you on the visitors after baby thing. I know I don’t have that problem yet but I have a feeling I’m going to hurt some feelings when I do, haha.

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