Weekend Links / / A Little Boring

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Weekend Links / / A Little Boring

^ Jordan took this while on a walk with Phoenix. This kid cracks me up!

This week slipped away from me. I usually work Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, but this week I worked Tuesday instead of Thursday. Somehow that slight shift completely through me off! Tuesday night I had such a terrible sinus headache I went to bed at 7:30. I kept dousing myself in peppermint oil, which apparently is not advisable while you are breastfeeding. Whoops! It felt good going to bed so early.

Lately, most of my weeks feel rather low-key and boring or mundane rather but that is simply the phase of life I am in. It’s okay to be boring. 🙂 This week I finished reading After You and started Four Seasons in Rome again. I am trying to remember to read more when I am on breaks at work (I pump in our back room so it’s not always the most quiet) and during little snippets of quiet throughout the day.

Okay, while my week was a little boring these links aren’t!

Onto the links!

Embracing the LonelinessThere are some beautiful things that can transpire when you embrace the season you’re in.” 

I remember my mom telling me how lonely she felt as a newlywed. It’s not something that is talked about often, but is a reality for many people. If you are in a season of loneliness I encourage you to read Amy’s post.

DIY Pore-Cleansing Mask | Last year I shared a post on how to use activated charcoal to whiten teeth. Bridget used it in a concoction to clean out her pores. When purchasing slightly random natural ingredients it’s nice to have multiple uses for them.

Chocolate Apricot Energy Bites | While listening to The Girl Next Door’s most recent podcast episode (which is hilarious and all about snacks) I was reminded of Kelsey’s energy bites. I think I may have shared these in the past, but they are similar to a homemade Larabar.

Fighting Allergies Naturally | Like I mentioned earlier, when I have any sinus pressure I rub peppermint oil liberally all over my body. It gives me such relief. Abbey’s essential oils blend to relieve allergy and congestion symptoms sounds amazing. I’m going to experiment for my next headache. When I use peppermint I don’t notice a dip in my supply, but if you are nursing, just be observant and cautious.

Mint Brownie Ice Cream Cake | As many of you know, ice cream cake is Jordan’s absolute favorite. I’ve never made one (my mother-in-law always does) but Kate is inspiring me. Also, if you use brownie mix most of what is left in this recipe involves simply mixing and assembling.

Happy Weekend, all!

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / A Little Boring”

  1. The peppermint oil never helped my sinus issues. I find if I avoid dairy I don’t have any sinus issues. I also take Olive Leaf Extract. Gia Herbs also has a product called Quick Defense that works great if I feel like I may be getting sick.

    1. The peppermint oil mostly just masks the pain and helps my face relax. My sinus pressure is usually correlated to the weather. Thank you for sharing those two products.

  2. I’m going to look into that mask! I use charcoal for my teeth – but i haven’t in a while so I need to get back on that train!
    THAT ICE CREAM CAKE!! I love anything mint and chocolate!

    And thank you for that shout-out friend.
    A lot of people really don’t talk about it…and it sucks – so it’s time to bring it to light.

  3. For another natural sinus option, have you tried the Sinus Rinse (or a neti pot)? My husband the ENT doctor is always recommending them, and they really do clear out the sinuses (although I have to admit that I HAAAATTTEEEE them, so I’ve just learned to never complain to him about stuffy sinuses or noses – ha!).

    And that post on loneliness was an excellent read – thanks for sharing!

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