Currently / / March

Currently / / March

Watching | The Academy Awards. In honor of the Oscars, Jordan and I finally watched La La Land over the weekend. Jordan and I get into all of the awards shows. There was one year (the year Gwyneth Paltrow won for Shakespeare in Love) when my mom kept sending me upstairs because the clips were too “scandalous”. HA! 

Eating | Pink Lady apples everyday which are my current favorite apple variety. Also, too much frozen pizza. I did manage to roast lots of broccoli to eat with said pizza, so all is not completely lost. Nursing makes me so hungry (hungry for carbs!!) but I need to start eating better. 

Saying | “Phoenix, why are you getting so big?!” But seriously, how is my baby almost walking??? 

Wearing | A mixture of my summer (I wore shorts last week) and winter wardrobe. Nashville has weird weather! 

Posting | I shared Phoenix’s seven month update on Monday. The photo included in that post was an extra from a recent family walk. I’m contemplating doing a reader survey soon. I’ve been a little uninspired lately. My topics always center around what is happening in my life but my days feel very mundane. Do you find surveys helpful? Do you fill them out for other bloggers?

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  1. We’re having some serious weird weather lately, too. It was nearly 80 the other day, then we had some major storming and hail, but it just keeps feeling like spring. Even our plants are confused.

    1. It’s been rainy this week but still warm. I think winter is officially over. I’m fine with it. The ice storms Nashville gets scare me a bit. I don’t like driving curvy roads covered in ice!!

  2. I’ve watched ZERO of the Academy Award nominated movies… sheesh. Usually I’m not at all bothered by that, but I really would like to see La La Land and Moonlight. And Hidden Figures. Pink Lady apples are my favorite too. And for you, I would fill out a survey 🙂

    1. There were actually quite a few nominated movies this year I wanted to see. I only saw La La Land and Manchester By The Sea. I believe Moonlight was released at Redbox yesterday. We are going to try to rent it tomorrow if it’s not sold out.

  3. Our little ones grow up so fast its hard trying to keep up! Wanted to thank you for your encouraging words on the struggle with infertility. Thanks for being kind enough and selfless to share for others struggling with the same thing. Great blog! Take Care!

  4. I caught the Oscars the following day thanks to Hulu. I’m not huge into awards shows but I really enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel hosting and actually have seen a few of the movies that were up for awards.

    And I’ve never done a readers survey either but I have heard that they are really helpful in terms of gathering data from your readers. I still have a bit of work to do in terms of growing my readership, but like you, I just haven’t felt too inspired lately. I’m slowly getting back into the blogging groove – but taking time off was a nice little break 😉

  5. I once made the mistake of looking at the nutrition facts on the box of a Digorno pizza and was so horrified I haven’t bought one in over a year. Seriously! I might have issues. We make our own pizza at home and it’s so yummy and not very hard at all! If you haven’t, you should try it sometime 🙂

  6. I love award shows too! Usually the Grammys are my favorite because I love the performances, but I missed them this year. Ugh! Also, in my opinion, if you eat broccoli with your pizza it counts as a healthy meal! 😉

  7. We eat an insane amount of frozen pizzas. I’m not nursing, but our daughter is 10 months old and not loving sleep right now so easy is best around here. Roasted broccoli is my favorite veggie though, so I need to add broccoli to the grocery list. I’m a little bit outside of Nashville, and our weather has been super ridiculous lately! Those storms this morning were scary!!

  8. Nursing hunger is like that 3rd trimester wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night hunger haha. Also we eat farrrr too much frozen pizza too. Like twice a weekend. That’s embarrassing to admit out loud haha.

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