Weekend Links / / Blogging Basics, Ramen and Naps

Weekend Links / / Blogging Basics, Ramen and Naps

I told Jordan earlier this week I finally feel like I’m not simply surviving hour to hour. Maybe it’s a hormone shift or maybe it’s because Phoenix is sleeping better. Either way, it’s a nice feeling. We started nap training (for real this time) and a few other schedule and eating tweaks this week and it made a huge difference. I’ll share more in Phoenix’s seven month update next week.

When Phoenix wasn’t napping consistently, I became really behind. Behind on blog posts and personal and household goals. It was weighing on me. I am excited to see what I can accomplish now that I am not as exhausted and worn out. This week, I gave myself permission to veg out during his naps. I read a bunch and starting catching up with This Is Us!

What are your plans for the weekend? I always work Saturdays but on Sunday (besides watching the Oscars) I want to pop into Madewell. I’ve had a gift card for a while and am curious about their jeans. Have you tried them?

Onto the links!

Lifestyle Blogging Basics | Oh, how I wish this book would have been written when I first started blogging. My friend, Laura, wrote an easy to understand and informative book on everything you need to know about starting and maintaining a lifestyle blog. She honestly shares her mistakes and how we can avoid them.

For the entire first month of book sales (a copy is $3.99!), 100% of proceeds will be going to SowHope.org, one of the only global organizations focusing exclusively on the holistic needs of women living in extreme poverty.

BUT, it’s actually FREE to download until tomorrow. 2/25

Electric Guest | I get asked a lot about music recommendations. Jordan is often the one to introduce me to new artists. I’m not perusing Spotify or iTunes as often anymore. Electric Guest is a recent favorite. They made an appearance in my recent Instastory.

Off The Should Dress With Embroidery | Greta included this dress in her Valentine’s Day round up but, this would also be perfect for summer weddings, BBQs, graduation parties, etc. I clearly have summer on the brain. It’s going to be 78° today!

The Last Time I Breastfed | “Breastfeeding just isn’t for everyone. And sometimes, it’s only for you for a little bit. And all of it’s okay.”

I love this blog post by Becca, especially the statement I included above. I believe the statement applies to even more. Understanding parenting decisions aren’t set in stone is an important lesson to learn. This starts with breastfeeding or co-sleeping or Babywise. I was homeschooled and I witnessed many families sacrifice sanity to preserve what I believe they thought their identity was — a homeschooling family.

The Best Homemade Ramen | Until recently (outside of the cheap packages you find at grocery stores) I didn’t know ramen was an actual cuisine. Jordan and I watched Ivan Orkin’s Chef’s Table episode this week and now I am obsessed with making ramen. Also, this article outlines the restaurants featured in season three.

Happy Weekend, all!

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19 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Blogging Basics, Ramen and Naps”

  1. That book about lifestyle blogs looks fantastic! I am definitely going to check it out. I have read relatively few books or ebooks on blogging. I generally just read a lot of blogs about blogging. Ha ha! But lately I’ve wanted to do a deep dive into a book. Also, thanks for the ramen recipe! Ramen (or saimen as they call it in Hawaii) is my Polynesian hubby’s absolute FAVORITE dish. We eat relatively healthy the rest of the time, so it just kills me to see him pouring those little msg packets into his bowl of ramen noodles. We are so careful with our nutrition, that I have definitely been searching for a way to make it a bit healthier for him. Thank you!

  2. I recently tried on the Madewell highwaisted jeans for the first time – I was skeptical as I have a bias against high waists (scared of mom jeans!), but they actually are really great and super flattering. If I had had a giftcard I totally would have purchased 🙂

    And yay for not being as exhausted!!

  3. I just started “This is Us” because i wanted to see what the hype was all about! LOVED the first episode, these hormones are messing with me.

    Glad you’re getting some you time and getting to catch up on some stuff 🙂

  4. Oh man, isn’t it the best when babies start sleeping more and getting on a schedule? I felt like the first 4 months with both my kids was kind of a blur but it definitely got better after 6 months. I hope Phoenix gives you more opportunities to catch up! 😉

    1. Phoenix wasn’t exactly colicy, but he also was really fussy those first few months. People told me things change once they are able to move a bit more on their own and I believe them!

  5. Oh I can so relate on how easy it is to fall behind when my little guy boycotts naps!! Sticking to his schedule can be so tough but we all feel more balanced when we can depend on a regular nap time 😉 I also got caught up on “This Is Us” over the weekend. I lost it by the end, that show hits on all the feels. I can’t get enough of it though!
    Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


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