Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls

^ A sneak peak of our New Years card I finally received this week!

Phoenix kept me on my toes this week, but I managed to finish listening to the audio of War and Peace and I’m only a few chapters away from the end of Maisie Dobbs. Next up (for my reading challenge) is Sense and Sensibility. I’m realizing reading and practicing yoga (even a few times a week) help me feel like I’ve accomplished something in my day.

Phoenix has started to sit-up and crawl. Just in time for his six month birthday. Let’s not talk about how old he is getting. After Phoenix’s well-visit this afternoon, my parents arrive for the weekend! I wasn’t prepared for him to become mobile this early. HA!

We don’t have any major plans during my parent’s visit, except Jordan and I hope to steal away to see a movie. Most likely, La La Land. Have you seen it?

Onto the links!

You’re Perfect Just The Way You Are | Mean girls, we’ve all dealt with them, no? My family moved from Ohio to Illinois when I was in first grade. I remember girls telling me (in a, no you can’t join way) they’d been best friends since kindergarten. It starts young, dealing with mean girls, which is why I love the way Sarah responds to her daughter.

Meal Ideas | Jordan stayed home on Monday, which meant I visited Costco alone! I felt so energized afterwards that I spent the afternoon prepping elements for these three meals: vegetarian enchiladasquinoa huevos rancheros and southwestern kale power salad.

Vanishing Act: A Breastfeeding Journey | I read three blog posts this week on weaning. My mom hormones can’t quite comprehend ending breastfeeding anytime soon. I appreciate women like Brittany and Astleigh sharing their journeys with me because it serves as a reminder to savor this season even more!

Bonne Adresse: Yam’Tcha | Do you want Chef’s Table on Netflix? I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. Jordan and I got into in towards the tail end of my pregnancy and when Phoenix was a newborn. I’m not current which brings me to Hannah’s post. Season three centers only on French Michelin-starred restaurants.

In some parts of the world, Michelin-starred restaurants (because of the currency rate) are affordable but certainly not the ones in France. Many of these chefs featured have off-shoot restaurants that are much cheaper though not without excellence. I’m going to keep this in mind next time we go overseas.

Saving Money Using Home Exchange | Speaking of travel, my friend Renee shares how she saved over $10,000 in accommodations using Home Exchange last year! One goal of mine is to sign up this year. We need to decorate a little bit more so the bedrooms are all usable, but soon!

Happy Weekend, all!

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Vanishing Mean Girls”

  1. Yay Phoenix! And a happy 6 months to that little guy. Being mobile is cool/terrifying. But hooray nonetheless. And hooray for a trip to Costco on your own 🙂 Bliss! Funny that we both made those veggie enchiladas this week! I accidentally swapped chili powder for cayenne and… umm it was WAY too spicy. But it was still yummy enough to know I needed to tackle it again. And that power salad – I need to make that again. It was so satisfying and so many leftovers! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, crawling already?! Go Phoenix! How are our babies half a year old!? Love all the links, and the breastfeeding one made me soak up the nursing session that is happening right now. I need to pin those recipes for when I’m back home in the kitchen.

  3. Speaking of enchiladas, I made the most delicious spiralized sweep potato enchilada bake last night. I’m pretty sure I just love enchilada sauce 🙂

  4. I LOVED La La Land! The opening scene is nothing less than delightful, which is what I kept thinking over and over throughout. So many emotions in one movie.

  5. Yay, meal ideas! I’m making my grocery list right now! (Well, after I’m done here.) I love when you post recipes you’re trying out because it always gives me new ideas and me branch out from what I always make. Thanks for including my post! I’m glad you’re enjoying this season of nursing (but I promise, it’s not too sad on the other side!).

  6. Thanks so much for linking my Yam’Tcha post! 🙂

    Speaking of La La Land – I absolutely loved it! Even though it was a musical, it felt more like real life to me than so many other movies, and a lot of the themes hit me on a personal level. It had the dreamy quality of old-hollywood, but the way the story goes felt more emotionally honest. And the fact that most of the scenes were shot on a single camera with no cuts… amazing. That kind of single viewpoint made it feel more like a stage performance than a movie.

  7. I enjoyed La La Land. I don’t think it was the best movie of the year but it was enjoyable. A few other movies worth seeing are Sully, Manchester By the Sea, and Hidden Figures.

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