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Happy 2017, Everyone!

I unintentionally skipped posting my Weekend Links last Friday. The end of December was a bit of a whirlwind! Let’s recap the last couple of weeks.

Phoenix’s fist Christmas was both special and uneventful. Perfect, really. Jordan and I hadn’t been to church since Phoenix was born (moving and a fussy newborn was an overwhelming combination) but we really wanted to attend the Christmas Eve service. Phoenix loved it! He literally didn’t make a peep the entire service.

Every year my mom makes a Swedish tea ring for Christmas morning. I decided to carry on the tradition, except my yeast must have gone bad because it never rose! Thankfully, despite being rather dense, the pastry still tasted delicious. We spent the rest of the day at our friend’s house playing games and watching football.

We hosted my in-laws for a late Christmas last week. Even at five months, it’s really special to see Phoenix begin to recognize family members. This is when I’m extra thankful for modern technology such as FaceTime! He can have regular interactions from afar. Quite literally as soon as Jordan’s parents left, his brother and girlfriend arrived to spend a few days. It’s so nice to have space for hosting!

The four of us attended a New Years Eve party hosted by the co-working space Jordan works at. Before the party began, we went to dinner at Butchertown Hall and ate Jeni’s ice cream for dessert. When in Rome, right? I left the party early partly because I had work in the morning and also because Phoenix still eats twice in the night. I’m looking forward to next year when he can just have a sleepover somewhere. 😉

Onto the links!

You Won’t Notice the Turn | “And then one day, you realize you’ve some how gone from surviving to some semblance of thriving.”

I found myself nodding along with everything Brittany wroteThe afternoons I would text Jordan asking him to come home and help relieve me of a crying baby seem so far away. The turn really is almost unnoticeable.

10 Goals for the Woman Who Doesn’t Know What Her Goals Should Be | While it’s good to seek wisdom and advice from those who have been through your current life stage, it can become harmful when their life becomes a point of comparison to your own.”

As we have entered 2017, if you feel overwhelmed by all of the goal setting articles and blog posts circulating you are not alone. It’s okay to not know what your goals should be by January 1st. You can set goals at any time of the year, not just for New Years.

Warm Brussel Sprouts and Pear Salad | Costco and Trader Joe’s sells a kale and shaved brussel sprouts salad in a bag that I buy it all of the time! It’s  become my go-to potluck dish. Easy, yet fancy.

How to Steam Clean a Microwave Quickly and Easily | In my fantasies, I’m the type of person who always remembers to cover food in the microwave. But since I don’t, I’m going to use this simple recipe for easy clean-up.

Guide to Formal Wear for the Nursing Mom |  Nursing really does create wardrobe issues. A few friends of mine have had to attend weddings with newborns so if you need to buy formal wear, Larissa’s tips are quite helpful. Thankfully, I’m past the point of where I’d need to bring Phoenix with me!

Happy Weekend, all!

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Happy New Years”

  1. Thanks for sharing the cleaning tips. My condo is for sale so I spend a lot of time cleaning in preparation for realtor showings. I have not been to Butchertown in Nashville. I’ll have to add that to my to-do list.

  2. I’m glad you guys had such a nice Christmas and New Years!
    I’m with you on the goals…I don’t really have many this year and for the first time in my life I’m totally okay with that.

  3. Such cute NYE photos and so glad you were able to get out! We spent another night in and just thankful that after Greyson got off his (almost perfect) sleeping routine from traveling to TX, he was asleep before midnight. Another dropped ball missed over here, but nonetheless enjoyed the evening. You look radiant!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. Honestly, I think we’re all still catching up from the lack of sleep that night!! I’m glad Greyson is feeling better. Phoenix has a cold and his sleep has been all over the place! Poor guy!

  4. That sounds like such a fun holiday week! How special that Phoenix is starting to recognize family members. Thanks for including my post, and I’m especially glad that this is how you’ve been feeling lately!

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