Phoenix at Six Months

Six Months

“Is he always so happy and content?”

“Does he ever cry?”

When Phoenix and I are out and about running errands, I am often asked the above questions. I laugh and reply, “Oh no, he cries!”. Thankfully, he cries far less often than he used to as a newborn. He does have his whine cry down just like his mama! HA! Phoenix loves to flirt and smile when friends and strangers talk to him.

We have entered the fun phase of parenting a baby. Phoenix is curious and sensitive. He laughs at our silly interactions and brings joy to those around him. I love being his mama.

Phoenix turns six months old tomorrow. His next wellness visit is tomorrow, but as of January 12th (I brought him to his pediatrician when he was sick) he was 13 lbs 7 oz. He is long and lean just like Jordan.

I’ve mentioned this before, but Phoenix wasn’t a content newborn. He cried when he was hungry, tired, cold, hot and wet etc. Besides immediately following nursing, he cried off and on much of the day. This month I realized he rarely relentlessly cries, without a true meaning. This is huge!

Sleep continues to improve. We experienced a string of early wake ups when Phoenix caught his first cold and again since Phoenix is trying to crawl and sit up. Most nights Phoenix eats twice between 12 – 5 am. I’d like to see the two feeds consolidate into one around 3 am, but he is still legitimately hungry. It’s less for comfort as he doesn’t fall asleep afterwards with me. He wants to go back into his crib! I am so glad he likes his crib now.

Phoenix cut his first tooth and is in the early stages of getting on all fours. He has sat up a few times and I see his brain trying to connect his limbs to crawl. I introduced purees (avocado and rice cereal) but he’s mostly uninterested. He leans out of his chair and tries to grab at his bib or toys around him.

While Phoenix was sick, I nursed on demand to keep him hydrated. Jordan and I are working on stretching his wake times and nursing extra helps him stay awake and content and nap longer. Eventually, when he takes in more solids, I will cut back on nursing but this is working for us now. When I am working, he sometimes takes an ounce or two about 30 minutes before his next nap. We originally tried increasing Phoenix’s bottles from four to six ounces but he spits up more.

I tell Phoenix daily he is my little baby buddy. I can only imagine all of the new skills he will learn this next month!

What skills did your baby learn at six months? Were they sleeping through the night?

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13 thoughts on “Phoenix at Six Months”

  1. My daughter didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was around nine months. It didn’t last long, though. Long story short, we’ve basically been tired for five years. Now that she started Kindergarten, she’s started sleeping through the night on a regular basis and it’s heaven. Congrats on six months!

  2. Jack didn’t start sleeping through the night until about 10 and a half months….and it looks like he’s given that up, as of late. That’s a big milestone that he doesn’t really cry without reason anymore!!

  3. “This month I realized he rarely relentlessly cries, without a true meaning. This is huge!” YES, it’s so huge!! I remember hitting that point with Selah and it was like the heavens opened. It’s such a game changer. I’m glad things have been going well! I feel like everything got so fun from 6-12 months (and it keeps getting more and more fun!). I love watching Phoenix grow and reading your updates!

    1. He still cries/whines but being able to say, oh it’s because he’s frustrated or hungry or tired is such a great feeling. I’m excited for all of the new things he’s going to learn this month. 🙂

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