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Holiday Decorating

As the Gilmore Guys said in their recent recap episode, “We are living in a post Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life world”. How are you all feeling about the four mini-episodes? I’m not going to delve into specifics, but if you’d like, reach out on social media to chat about it!

Jordan and I returned from our week in Chicago late Sunday night. The drive home went fairly smooth, despite Phoenix’s two separate one hour scream sessions. I can’t blame the kid though. He was tired while also being tired of sitting in his car seat. I see why people don’t travel with small children. It’s not easy!

I’m hoping we can do a little holiday decorating this week in-between our work schedules. Jordan flew out to Denver on Monday and returned home late last night so we haven’t had a chance to bring out the decorations. I’m debating still on whether or not to go all out with a real tree this year. I’ve never had one so the idea sounds endearing but people also keep telling me how much work they are. Do you have a real or fake tree?

There is still one more day to enter the Gilmore Girls themed giveaway!

Onto the links!

First Birthday Letter | I don’t know Brittany personally, but I cried while reading Brittany’s letter to her daughter, Selah. This is the beauty of blogs — words jump out of the screen just like you are speaking person to person.

DIY Speckled Wrapping Paper | Jordan and I have a HUGE roll of kraft paper left over from moving. Actually, we already had a huge roll left over from our previous move but forgot about it. So, now we have two! Our CPA sends us a box of Christmas wrapping supplies but this tutorial will be useful for other gifting needs!

Light Those Fancy Cameras | Emily, like myself, recently moved to a new house. Does anyone else hoard their really nice candles? It’s quite silly, actually. Simple things like lighting fancy candles and purchasing flowers from Trader Joe’s help brighten my spirits.

Rosemary Potato Egg Bake | Rosemary potatoes are delicious, but I never thought about turning the dish into a breakfast casserole. I’m keeping this on the list for future holiday breakfasts.

A Mini Holiday Capsule Wardrobe | From holiday parties to cooking decorating to running errands, Anne shares lots of holiday outfit inspiration. Last year I was knee-deep in first trimester morning sickness to really care what I was wearing. I love the idea of creating a holiday capsule especially if you have a lot of parties to attend.

Happy Weekend, all!

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Holiday Decorating, Maybe”

  1. My parents always had real trees, but they can be a lot of work. You have to water them consistently and they do start to drop needles as they dry out, so vacuuming constantly can be frustrating. I don’t know how anyone can buy a real tree before or just after Thanksgiving; they’re bound to be totally dried out by Christmas day that way. The plusses are that they smell amazing and fake trees can never look quite the same.

  2. I remember going on a road trip from Georgia to Minnesota with my three-year-old nephew and it is my belief that road trips are worse when they can speak. On the subject of trees… I say go real. I have a real and a fake tree but I honestly (seriously) think a real tree is sooo much easier. Just set a reminder on your phone to water it every few days. With fake trees, you have to spend hours fluffing and arranging the branches and your arms get all scratched up. This is my third year in a row getting a real tree and believe me it’s worth it. I’m actually allergic to Christmas trees but prefer the real over fake… so that should say a lot.

  3. My parents are divorced so I get a real tree and a fake tree at Christmas! The fake tree is much bigger than the real, and we put scentsicles inside it so it smells fresh from the Christmas tree farm!
    Both are equally as fun to decorate!
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  4. You always find such great links! Thanks so much for including mine. We just got our decorations up yesterday and will be finishing the tree tonight — it’s so much more complicated when you have a baby, right? We had a real tree one year and one year only when I was growing up, and we use an artificial prelit tree now. I’m all about easiness so this one takes the cake!

  5. i totally hoard my candles. it’s bad.
    I’m learning that if i want to buy nice things (or am gifted) – i need to USE them.
    I’m attempting to figure out what all to get rid of, what all to pack to move, what all will stay in my home when i leave it – and i’m seeing how “wasteful” i can be with the nice things.

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