A Fall Walk in Percy Warner Park

Fall Walk Percy Warner Park

Fall holds a special place in my heart. I met Jordan in the fall. We started dating in the fall and also got engaged in the fall. And one of the most special moments, finding out I was pregnant, also happened in the fall. It’s also my favorite weather for spending time outside. Fall in Chicago was usually pretty short, but thankfully it lingers in Nashville.

Fall is is showing off this year. The temperatures have been regularly 15 degrees warmer than the average. Though that hasn’t stopped the leaves from turning intense shades of red, orange and yellow. One morning, while Jordan’s mom was visiting, we walked around Percy Warner Park. The light bouncing off the leaves created a perfect golden cast.


I love taking Phoenix on walks. Since healing from my cesarean section, we’ve taken almost daily walks. I usually start my day by driving to grab coffee at Starbucks. Phoenix often falls asleep while on the drive, so to keep him asleep I will walk the short loop around my library next door.

There are a lot of parks and shaded trails around Nashville. We moved to a different part of town, so instead of walking the trails at Radnor Lake or around Sevier Park we explored Percy Warner Park.

Jordan and I have taken photos on the grassy lawn at Percy Warner Park but I hadn’t walked the trails. I am so glad we’re only a short 10 minute drive away because it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon. There isn’t any sort of jungle gym but once Phoenix is able to sit up I can bring a blanket and toys.




^ That grin! It makes all the sleepless nights worth it.



^ Phoenix loves napping in his Ergo.






11 thoughts on “A Fall Walk in Percy Warner Park”

  1. Beautiful pictures! It has been unseasonably warm here as well! My hubby and I love taking our son around on walks this time of year 🙂 We also met in the fall and found out we were pregnant this time last year!

  2. This time of year is so stunning. And I love that you have so many happy moments attached to it. How are you liking Nashville? I’m curious because we moved from Milwaukee to N-Atlanta and it’s been a crazy adjustment. Though, Nashville is so quirky and small-town-city-ish, maybe you love it? We adore visiting Nash!

    1. I thought the adjustment would be more difficult but Nashville is such a bubble in comparison to the rest of the state. Most people aren’t from here which makes everyone more willing to include you. I still stick out as a northerner but the change in pace has been good.

  3. i love how all of those things happened in the fall for you – i already love the fall, but geeze that would totally make me love it more! <3

    p.s. i want fall colors and weather!

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