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Nashville Fall Date Nights

Last Sunday, Jordan and I went on our first official date night. I say real because when we went to the Kanye West concert I had already put Phoenix to sleep. This time someone else put him to sleep! Successfully! We attended the Gilmore Guys live podcast recording, which was a blast. I look forward to future date nights but honestly it’s hard to muster up the energy to stay awake long enough to watch a movie at home.

In other news, sleep or lack there of is on the brain. Phoenix is not a naturally sleepy baby. He has never slept through a daytime feeding and his naps are sporadic. Bedtime has always been smooth, though he is still up 3-4 times a night to eat. I believe part of this is because he is still small and needs the calories. He was only 10 lbs 12 oz at his two month appointment. He’s long and lean just like his dad!

My maternity leave is quickly coming to a close and I want to set Phoenix up for success. He is still too young for any serious sleep training, but this week I began experimenting with the pick-up-put-down method for daytime naps and he seems to respond well. And by well, I don’t mean he slept for two hours. I mean he slept even for a short time. I’m always curious how other’s deal with newborn sleep. Did your babies adhere to a schedule from the start?

Onto the links!

Raising Sons in a World that Disrespects Women | This article is very relevant with the Trump and Billy Bush tapes circulating. I particularly liked this…“We teach them the difference between looking at women and seeing them.” 

Cinnamon Apple Crumble Cake | Cinnamon and apples, need I say more? I love that Fall in Nashville is longer than in the midwest but I miss going to apple orchards. While Jordan and I were dating, we went every year.

The Best Piece of Advice | Don’t should on yourself!

And also it’s ok to give it a year. Because what’s a year, really, in the scheme of things. It’s nothing. A year is nothing. To get rid of the shoulds and replace them with the I wants and the I’m ready”

This piece of advice was in response to whether or not Sydney is ready for a third baby, but I think it’s relevant for any stage of life

10 Chocolate Brands to Avoid | With Halloween around the corner I wanted to share this article about popular chocolate brands who exploit child slavery. While, this means no more Snickers bars there are plenty of companies who avoid profiting from child labor.

Creating a Makeup Capsule Wardrobe | I talked about creating a capsule makeup collection after reading Kelsey’s post. It’s even more appealing now that I need to get ready quickly! I’m processing whether or not I want to be an eyeshadow girl. I have a lot but I never wear them anymore! Or should I ditch the single shadows and invest in a simple palette? Real tough questions, guys!

Happy Weekend, all!

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Sleepy Date Nights”

  1. That article is shocking and absolutely heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing, always good to be informed where you can make a small difference, even if it’s in the type of chocolate you buy.

    1. I know…it’s just sad that these larger companies don’t do a better job on their end. It’s frustrating, as the consumer, because at the end of the day, when you are eating a candy bar, you think you’re being harmless.

  2. Yay for date nights! Oh daytime sleep… I would love to put Leighton on a schedule but I just don’t really know how because when she’s hungry I feel like I can’t be like “oh sorry you have to wait another 30 minutes until your scheduled to eat” etc. I would love to know how people do it realistically. She was only 10lbs 4oz at her two month, a little shrimp baby.

    1. Yeah, I feel like it’s all a lie. HAHA. Or they are feeding formula and know exactly how much they are eating. I recently read that the fat content of breastmilk is different throughout the day, so it’s actually really hard to predict how long they can go between feedings. I’m hoping that as he inches closer to 4 months, and is more active, he’ll be more tired and fall into a routine. We’ll see. Leighton is adorable!

  3. I don’t have my own babies yet, but I am a nanny and it can be SO hard to sleep train them. Whatever you decide to do, you won’t go wrong. Do what is best for you guys!! 🙂 I am so glad you got to go out and have fun – here’s to hoping there are many more opportunities for going out!

  4. Oh how fun – I just started finally listening to that podcast (since I finally started going through Gilmore Girls on Netflix). We never had a great nap schedule until Hendrik consolidated his naps around a year old – but he was a pretty good night sleeper, and I would for sure prioritize that over the daytime sleep 🙂 He’ll get there!

    And YES I need this makeup capsule thing. I more need it because I need practical things to actually do, instead of the 2 products I know how to use, ha.

    1. Sadly he isn’t a great night sleeper either! it’ll happen eventually. Have you ever gotten a consultation at Sephora or a MAC counter? They can be really helpful about showing how to use a product.

  5. Wow I honestly had no idea how many chocolate companies used child slavery, so heartbreaking.
    My little guy is 7 months now and trying to get him on a sleep schedule was extremely difficult. He absolutely hated his bassinet and would only sleep in my arms, his swing or rock n play. I finally realized that he didn’t want to adhere to a strict schedule so I followed his lead and while we don’t have a set schedule his day to day naps and feeding are around the same time although some days he naps longer than others. It was hard at first but it does get easier!

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