Weekend Links / / Eleven Years

Weekend Links // Eleven Years

Honestly, I don’t know where the past week went. Phoenix turned 12 weeks on Wednesday (what?!) and it’s almost November. Life feels really full right now. In many ways it’s all exciting things, but mothering a newborn makes everything a little more urgent. The decisions we make aren’t just for ourselves anymore!

Phoenix has been so vocal this week. I love hearing his little voice and wondering what he is trying to say. When he gets going Jordan and I can’t help but stop what we’re doing and respond to him.

I forgot to mention last Friday, because well I forgot, that it was Jordan and I’s eleven year dating anniversary! We’ve known each other for fifteen but became official on October 14th, 2005. I remember our first date so vividly — even down to what I was wearing! And now here we are, eleven years later, married with a baby. 😉

Onto the links!

5 Thrifting Mistakes You’re Making at Goodwill | I spent many afternoons in High School rifling through racks of clothes at thrift store. I don’t thrift often for myself anymore but I have started to buy clothes for Phoenix at our local Goodwill.

Oatmeal Cookie Baked Oatmeal | I made a batch of this baked oatmeal on Sunday and it made breakfast so easy. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to make meals, but since I’m breastfeeding I can’t skip or wait too long to eat. What is your go-to breakfast?

The Black Turtleneck Beatnik | This simple outfit is everything. I need to find a new black turtleneck!

The Goldbergs | Everyone is talking about the new show This Is Us (which I am enjoying) but if you aren’t watching The Goldbergs you are missing out! It’s on it’s fourth season and Jordan and I get such a kick out of it. The show takes place in the 80s and is based off the creator’s family life. I was born in 1986 but so much of the clothes and pop culture references are still very familiar to me.

Fall Decor on Etsy | Jordan and I own several pieces of artwork from Etsy sellers. It’s a great resource for unique and homemade items! Our most recent purchase hangs above Phoenix’s crib.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Eleven Years”

  1. I LOVE posts like these and it looks like you have some really interesting picks to read, too. I’m so excited to check them out. Congrats on the birth of your little one! Enjoy all those baby snuggles now while you can – they grow up fast!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my post, Catherine! And congrats on your dating anniversary – life has a funny way of showing us where we’ve been and how, so far, we’ve come. Your little family is just precious…and I’m so excited to hear about what news is coming up for you guys.

    I have recently gotten into American Housewife, which is pretty funny. I’ve seen a few episodes of The Goldbergs, but I’ll have to give it another go. I’m just so thankful fall tv has returned!

  3. Oatmeal cookie baked oatmeal…yes please! Thanks for linking to that fall decor as well — I’m trying to support more Etsy shops as we decorate our home. It’s pricier to buy handmade for sure, but I feel better about supporting small businesses. (But Target, if you’re listening — and I know you are — I still love you!)

  4. Pinning that oatmeal recipe now! I love having things like that in the fridge ready to eat for my second (or third) breakfast. We loooove the goldburgs it’s one of the few shows that I will bust out laughing out loud to. The writing is so good!

  5. I love buying unique products from Etsy stores! People really make awesome products on that site. & I love thrifting! I don’t do it as often as I would like, but you always find such neat things in there.

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