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Currently September

September is birthday month in the Short household! September should bring cooler temperatures, the beginnings of Holiday season preparations and new beginnings. I’m not in school anymore, but I still think about the year according to the school calendar. Anyone else?

Reading | My Salinger Year. When I remember to set it nearby me! I would be further into my reading challenge if I read more while breastfeeding instead of watching Snapchat and Insta-stories. 😉 Right before Phoenix was born, I finished This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, Ann Patchett’s collection of essays

Trying | I am doing my best to take this season one day at a time. This is nothing new for seasoned mothers, but time moves quick! My maternity leave is about half over and while I won’t return full-time, I feel pressure to prepare us. Phoenix is changing daily, so it’s practically impossible to know what our daily life will look like in the coming months.

Hoping | Oh, how I hope the weather continues to cool off! My ideal temperature is not in the 90s with high humidity. Is that anyones? I imagine we will embrace more days in the high 70s by the end of September.

Decorating | I don’t actually decorate outside of the Christmas season. Our apartment is small and already feels cramped, but I love lighting seasonal candles! What candles are you burning?

To-do listing | Keeping up with housework is harder than I anticipated. Phoenix rarely lets me set him down while remaining blissfully entertained. I fit in laundry, blogging and cleaning whenever I can within tiny incremental windows!

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  1. I actually enjoy decorating for fall almost as much as I do for Christmas. Other than changing out my wreaths, I don’t decorate for spring or summer really, but I have a field day once September rolls around.
    My favorite store-bought candle is Walmart’s Simmering Apple Cider candle. But I also make and sell my own candles. I am currently making my own apple cider candles 🙂

  2. I love Ann Patchett and have had that book on my list for a long time – good reminder to track down a copy! Did you like? And I remember a lot of chores happening with Hendrik strapped in the Baby Bjorn – but then there are some that are rather difficult to accomplish with an appendage on your front 🙂

  3. Yes, soak it all in while you can while he’s still so tiny! Even in a month he will be so much bigger and seem so much more grown up. It’s crazy.

    I know I should be lighting up seasonal candles, but since we’re packing to move I’m still loving my watermelon lemonade one from B&BW! I have a marshmallow campfire one from there as well (somewhere, in some box I think) and I can’t wait to light that one up at the new house. It will be so fitting!

  4. Embracing each season as it comes is hard. It seems that as soon as I become fully content in the season I’m in, then the next one begins and I have to start all over again. Love that picture of Phoenix!

  5. I’m loving burning my BBW Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle I had saved from last year. It’s so good! I’m also trying to find a balance between watching Snapchat and scroll Instagram (and InstaStories) and still getting reading time in!!

  6. That time does move quick! I have a two year old and I just barely remember those newborn days, soak it all in! And I’m with you, not much decorating goes on in my house outside of Christmas as well.

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