Phoenix David | A Birth Story 

Birth Story Phoenix David

While pregnant, I wasn’t sure I would share the birth story of Phoenix. I wanted to allow myself privacy if necessary as the postpartum emotional state isn’t predictable. Phoenix’s birth involved a couple twists and turns but overall I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

This story is a little long, so let’s get comfortable!

Birth Story C-section

At my 39 week appointment we went ahead and scheduled an induction for July 27th when I’d be 41 weeks pregnant. If Phoenix came on his own the induction would be canceled, but this way we had an end in sight! Phoenix’s due date came and went and as the 27th inched closer, I settled on the fact he had no intention on arriving beforehand.

My doctor likes the process to begin at night so that the delivery isn’t happening in the middle of the night. On Tuesday, July 26, Jordan and I checked-in at the hospital at 7 pm for our 8 pm induction. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was having mild contractions. After filling out paperwork, we were brought back to our labor and delivery room. The “plan” was to hunker down for the night while the Cervadil softened and dilated my cervix to 3 or 4 cm. Depending on my dilation, I’d begin Pitocin in the morning.

Birth Story C-section

^ A rather tasty blue-raspberry slushy. 

Before anything started, maintenance came to fix the sound on our television. If only we knew we wouldn’t have extra time to watch much TV.

Sarah, my nurse, placed my IV and inserted the Cervadil while Jordan and I watched the Democratic National Convention and enjoyed our slushies. My last meal was lunch on Tuesday, so my slushy was extra delicious. After about four hours I was only 2 cm dilated, but my contractions were steady. It was decided I should start Pitocin. My contractions picked up quickly and were now coming every 2-3 minutes, so after 90 minutes, I requested my epidural. A resident anesthesiologist placed my epidural and he did a great job. Hello sweet, sweet relief.

I was laying on my side, trying to sleep, when my water broke, 45 minutes after the placement of my epidural (I was so thankful I got it when I did!). Sarah came in to confirm and clean me up while checking my progress (somewhere in all of this I received a catheter but I can’t remember when). This is when things start to get interesting. I can see Sarah concentrating really hard and a slight questionable look appears when I hear her say, “I think that’s a butt. Let’s hope I’m wrong.” 

Birth Story C-section

^ Right before they wheeled me into surgery.

Jordan was resting during the exam and when I wake him up he’s just as shocked as me! Sarah calls another nurse and the doctor on call who both confirm (along with an ultrasound) Phoenix is in fact breech. My doctor is called while I try to wrap my head around the news. Sarah discovered Phoenix’s position at 5:30am and by 6am they wheeled me back to surgery. Everyone, my doctor included, was apologizing to me. They all felt terrible I had labored since 8 pm for essentially no reason!

Everything happened so fast I didn’t have a lot of time to worry. I tried to remain as present as possible to the process while not over thinking I was awake for major surgery! The energy in the operating room was light and positive. The nurses and doctors were telling jokes which made me feel at ease. Phoenix David was born at 7:19 am. NICU performed a few quick tests (standard for breach babies) and then he was immediately handed to Jordan. While I was being sown up I felt antsy to hold Phoenix but I didn’t know the protocol. The doctors said it was cool and immediately the anesthesiologist helped Jordan place him on my chest.

Birth Story C-section

Birth Story C-section

Birth Story C-section

After the surgery was all over, they wheeled me into post-op with Phoenix on my chest. We waited in post-op for about two hours where I spent the whole time skin-to-skin with Phoenix. A lactation consultant visited to let me know I could request a visit from them anytime. The nurses were very helpful and attentive. This period of time is a little hazy, but it passed quickly. We were taken to our comfortable recovery room once my epidural wore off a bit. I am working on a separate post to detail our hospital stay and overall recovery. In a nutshell, I feel very fortunate because we had a great hospital experience.

Phoenix’s delivery wasn’t what we expected, but he arrived safe and that is what matters. I’m just so grateful to God for the gift of Phoenix David. He is our blessing.

Birth Story C-section

Birth Story C-section

Birth Story C-section

12 thoughts on “Phoenix David | A Birth Story ”

  1. Congratulations! I love his name, and he’s absolutely adorable. Although your birth wasn’t what you expected, I’m so glad everything turned out great. It sounds like you had some really great care, and that the hospital was wonderful.

  2. He is so cute. I don’t know if those photo of him were from day 1, but he really does look fantastic if they are!
    I’m sorry things didn’t go as planned, but you definitely have the right perspective. God is good. And you are blessed 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing these details, Catherine. I’ve been eager to read more about Phoenix’s birth! I’m sorry that it didn’t go according to plan and that you had to go through some pretty hard labor without knowing he was breech. But you’re right, a healthy baby and healthy mom were on the other side of this, and that is the real blessing.

    By the way, our birth experiences started out remarkably similar. I went in at night for Cervidil thinking I’d get some good sleep (they even gave me an Ambien!) and start laboring in the morning fully rested. NOPE. I was in very early labor but didn’t realize it, and shortly after having Cervidil placed I jumped into active labor with contractions 2 minutes apart. I thought I was going to die by the time they placed that sweet, sweet epidural in my spine.

  4. Ah, I love reading birth stories, and I especially love when people share them in the way you do – being real, but not making it sound like a scary or terrible thing. You sound like you handled things so graciously even though they went not at all how you expected, from the needing induction to needing a c-section. And look at what you made! What a sweet baby.

  5. He’s so dang cute and I’m so glad your experience was good!! Even with the unexpected twists and turns, baby boy was healthy and that’s so great! 🙂 you know I had one too and I’ve decided c sections aren’t as scary as they sound after all and recovery isn’t that bad either!

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