The First Two Weeks of Newborn Life

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first two weeks newborn

Many friends told me the first two weeks of a baby’s life involve the biggest transition. As a parent you just have to resolutely march through them. I’m sure this is due to the combination of sleep deprivation, a mother’s own need to recover (and dad having to step in to pick up the extra slack while also working) and learning your baby’s preferences. Now that I’m in week three (so experienced here, HA!) I thought I’d share some thoughts on the first two weeks of newborn life.

Prior to Phoenix’s delivery, I read posts like this in hopes of gleaning tips. All babies personalities are different but there are developmental similarities.

first two weeks newborn

While I am tired, the first two weeks were easier than I anticipated (probably because I expected them to be really challenging). When I say easier, I certainly don’t mean easy! I am still sore from my c-section and unable to lift anything heavier than Phoenix for six weeks, but besides the occasional sneeze I’m not constantly in discomfort. I’m so thankful with the progress of my recovery.

The meals provided by friends and family (which are essential for new parents) were extremely helpful. Not having to think about dinner makes evenings a lot easier. Word of advice, always offer to bring a meal to any friend with a new baby. It will be a huge help to them!

first two weeks newborn

On good days, Phoenix sleeps three stretches at night. Each time he wakes to eat we’re up for an hour or so between feeding, changing and soothing him back to sleep. His best sleep begins somewhere between 7-8 pm and will last 3-5 hours. Of course this means early bedtimes for Jordan and I. I fall asleep on the couch watching the Olympics every night!

I recently started tracking his day and nighttime sleep periods to see when/if a patten arises. We’ll see how that goes. The hardest part of newborn sleep is getting them to fall asleep within a certain window. If falling to sleep takes too long, Phoenix basically needs to eat again, which starts the process all over.

As the weather continues to transition into the 80s, I’m looking forward to evening walks when Phoenix is fussy. I’m not quite ready to tackle driving places alone (as I can’t lift the carseat so I have to transfer him to the bassinet or wear him) but together with Jordan, it’s been possible. We brought Phoenix to a few different restaurants with family and friends, which he enthusiastically slept straight through.

Breastfeeding is going really well. Some say c-sections affect milk production, but I haven’t had any problems. Phoenix went to the pediatrician two days after we were released from the hospital and had already gained weight! Way to go, buddy!

And for my own reminder…

Phoenix Likes | Being swaddled, nursing, wearing hats, his WubbaNub, having his hair washed and sleeping in the Snugapuppy Bouncer.

Phoenix Dislikes | Getting his diaper changed, changing his clothes, being overly tired or having to wait for me to get my boob free. HA!

What were your biggest challenge in the early weeks of newborn life? 

10 thoughts on “The First Two Weeks of Newborn Life”

  1. This is so sweet! I’m sure, as all things, life with a newborn will have it’s constant ups and downs, but what a blessing to be the one that comforts and feeds him. God-willing, we’ll know that joy soon enough too.

  2. It kind of is about managing expectations… always nice to be pleasantly surprised when it goes better than you feared 🙂 Those likes and dislikes sound a lot like Hendrik at that age. Hang in there with the recovery, and enjoy that little cutie.

  3. I’m so glad you’re all doing well and that your recovery has been smooth so far! I remember those weeks being really hard, but I agree, not as hard as I expected. If you have low expectations and soak up the snuggles, it can be a pretty sweet time! Phoenix is looking adorable and perfect, as always!

  4. I’m so glad that you were prepared for it! It was a very hard transition for me, but now that she’s a year and a half I think back and wish I could hold her like that again! it goes so fast! Don’t blink!

  5. So happy for you! I had an incredibly difficult C-section recovery, so the fact that yours seems to be going well, is such a blessing. The first 2 weeks were this wonderful cocoon of baby love. It was exhausting and bizarre to experience life like that, but we just didn’t care about the outside world and focused on our boy. I found the later months to be much harder. Once you get into the second month and third month, that’s when the sleep deprivation really sets in, when you realize you haven’t slept, literally, in weeks. But, just remember it gets better, I promise! Babies are the best thing in the world!

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