A Full House in San Francisco

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you’d like to start at the beginning click here.

Painted Ladies San Francisco

Oh, San Francisco. I’m not completely sure what to think about you. On one hand, you are breathtakingly beautiful. From oceans to mountains to old Victorian homes, it al paints a serene picture. On the other hand, you are difficult to maneuver, expensive and your homeless population is widespread.

After visiting a large city, Jordan and I like to compare and contrast them with one another. So, while San Francisco loses points on the public transportation front, it does win in many other areas; especially with its historic landmarks. Those are worth seeing.

Painted Ladies San Francisco

On Monday, after checking into our hotel, we decided to spend the afternoon in and around the Painted Ladies, i.e. the Full House houses. Our hotel was situated a few blocks west of Union Square and less than two miles from the Painted Ladies. When vacationing in large cities, Jordan and I prefer to walk a lot as it allows us to sight see! We didn’t foresee this being a problem in San Francisco…

Prior to San Francisco, there was one instance, in Paris, where we found ourselves walking through a shady part of town. During our stay in San Francisco, we unintentionally walked in a few iffy neighborhoods. While nothing happened to us, we chose to Uber back to the hotel on our return from the Painted Ladies.

Painted Ladies San Francisco

Maybe San Francisco didn’t win me over completely, but it still contains beautiful pockets. One of those beautiful pockets? The Painted Ladies! Jordan and I admired the Victorian homes from the large grassy Alamo Square Park. Many of the pre-fabricated Victorian homes were destroyed in 1906 during a large fire but thankfully this particular section was spared!

Alamo Square Park would be an ideal setting for a sunrise picnic. Too bad I’m just thinking of this now. HA!

Alamo Square Park San Francisco

What is your favorite large city? Do you use public transportation, walk or utilize a taxi service? Normally, we walk or use public transportation but my endurance waned as I settled into my third trimeter of pregnancy.

Alamo Square Park San Francisco

Alamo Square Park San Francisco

Painted Ladies San Francisco

Stay tuned for our coffee date at The Mill!

10 thoughts on “A Full House in San Francisco”

  1. We didn’t have time to venture out to the Painted Ladies on our trip to SF, but they’re so pretty! We tried to see as much as we could on bikes, which was great for the waterfront/bay area, but not so great for other sightseeing because of the hills.

  2. Love, love, love Full House! haha The photos you posted are so beautiful! My favorite large city is New York, New York. I just love that city and walking around with all the hustle and bustle! I miss it!

  3. My thoughts on San Francisco are exactly the same! It’s gorgeous and the history is amazing, but I would never want to live there due to the craziness of getting around and… yeah. Loved your photos, though!

  4. I’ve always wanted to drive up the PCH and visit San Francisco, your photos make it look gorgeous!. I’m all about walking and exploring the sights on foot when visiting cities, but sometimes that can be hard in big cities where everything is spread out (and especially while pregnant or with a baby!). My favorite walking friendly city to visit is Palm Springs and San Diego is a close second.

  5. San Fransisco is not one of my favorite cities but I had a lot of layovers this year. I enjoy Blue Bottle Coffee, Bi-Rite Ice Cream, and Tacolicious. I use public transportation when it is convenient and cost effective. It costs almost $20 roundtrip to ride the BART from SFO to downtown SFO. Bernal Heights is a little more affordable including Angkor Borei http://www.cambodiankitchen.com.

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