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Thirty-Six Weeks Pregnant

This week Jordan and I are making progress on transitioning our space for the baby. Yesterday, I went shopping for mama and Yoshi. I needed to purchase lounge clothes for the first few weeks and more newborn/0-3 clothes. It is not easy to find affordable basic baby clothes without crazy sayings and wild colors! Our carseat and stroller also arrived this week. Yay!

We sold a chair to make room for our crib, so over the weekend Jordan is going to assemble the crib and install our carseat. Our plan is actually to trade in one of our vehicles, but we want it ready just in case little man decides to make an early entrance! There is nothing like having a baby to encourage a massive overhaul of your belongings.

Our hospital tour was this week as well. It’s a good feeling knowing where to park and enter because whenever I visit someone in the hospital I always get lost! Even though there are no signs this little guy will make an early appearance, Jordan and I both feel more prepared in case something were to happen.

Onto the links!

Blogging FAQ / / Thinking of starting a blog? Are you curious about how others run theirs? Lauryn answers her most frequently asked questions. It took me a while to realize style bloggers weren’t taking one outfit post at a time! There is always more to learn.

20 Summer Potluck Recipes / / It’s one thing to create a list of go-to dinner recipes, but it’s another when you are asked to bring a dish to a potluck. I’m used to cooking for two! A great option is this mango guacamole. It’s always a hit!

6 Tips To Stay Healthy and Active While Traveling / / Jordan and I try to walk a lot whenever we travel. It goes a long way in counteracting eating any extra treats! How do you stay healthy while traveling? Any summer trips on the horizon?

Seven Things I Wish I’d Known About The Newborn Stage / / My favorite piece of advice from Lauren is her reminder that nothing is permanent. Newborns are growing and changing everyday and a few rough nights does not equal a lifetime of rough nights.

12 Awesome Podcasts / / I have shared my favorite podcasts in two different posts (here & here). Listening to podcasts is my main source of entertainment throughout my week. Marla has rounded up 12 more podcasts to add to your player (many of which I had never heard of). I was very excited to see that Sherry and John Petersik (aka Young House Love) have started a podcast!

Happy Weekend, all!

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Parenting, Potlucks & Podcasts”

  1. eeeeppp i am so freaking pumped for y’all.
    seriously – i love seeing all of your stories, and snapchats, and enjoying this phase in life! <3

  2. I’ve had a lot of luck with Target ONLINE. The stores are so full of crazy colors and cheesy sayings (which are sometimes fun, but you want basics too, ya know?) but online they had a lot more mild options.

  3. I am so glad you shared that podcast link because I LOVED the Petersiks and was devastated (too strong a word? I was pretty sad haha) when they announced the end of their blog. Excited to listen to them now!!

  4. I had fun checking out your podcast links and I always love reading blogging posts so I clicked through to that one too. Thanks!

  5. Did you check Carter’s brand? I love-love their stuff. Also, the Gap always had simple things. Don’t get too many – you may have a BIG baby and need 3-6 months before you know it. ENJOY each moment. July 8 would be a great day!!!!

    1. Yeah — I’ve kept the purchasing to really a weeks worth of NB items with many still taged incase I need to return. One issue about Nashville is the shopping is really spread out! I might just need to shop online more.

  6. Thank you for sharing the link to my podcasts recommendations. I also enjoyed reading Monique’s tips for staying healthy and active on the road. Since I travel so much for work, I always pack a food bag and download workout videos since hotel food is usually very expensive and some hotels do not have a gym.

  7. I always love a good podcast roundup! I’ve been enjoying the Young House Love podcast already, but there were lots of other great ideas there too.

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