Eating at Home in Los Feliz

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

Jordan and I aren’t travel foodies. We enjoy great food but we don’t usually plan our vacation locations around specific restaurants or cuisines. We’ll go to nice restaurants but what we really enjoy is grocery shopping when we’re in a location long enough.

When we do eat out, often we’ll look around our surroundings (or Yelp or Google) and pick a place that looks good! It’s a pretty simple process that works most of the time.

A personal restaurant recommendation is always best and we happened upon a great one while in the Hollywood Hills.

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

A friend posted on our Instagram about her favorite local restaurant, Home, and luck would have it, we were ready for lunch. We dined at the Los Feliz location which had a great, casual neighborhood vibe. When we’re able, we ignore chains and instead opt for the local option. Experiencing the local scene is one of our favorite aspects of traveling.

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

I was craving something light and fresh so I chose the Kale & Quinoa Salad Wrap with dried cranberries and avocado (DELICIOUS!). I hope to recreate my own version at home because I can’t stop thinking about this wrap.

Jordan had their turkey ruben sandwich on grilled rye bread with a side salad. Often one of us will choose for the salad and share the one serving of fries. Sandwiches are probably my favorite food to order at restaurants…they come in all varieties.

This meal totally satisfied my pregnancy craving for the day!

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

I can see why Home was recommended to us! Do you plan your trips around food or are you like the two of us and wing it the majority of the time?

I should add, I always check to see the closest coffee shop. My morning cup is a total necessity!

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

^ I spy a Minion 🙂

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

Home Restaurant in Los Feliz

15 thoughts on “Eating at Home in Los Feliz”

  1. I usually come across the best restaurant recommendations from locals on Instagram, blogs, or YouTube vlogs! I always try to find local people to ‘stalk’ on social media before I travel to a new city.

  2. Oh, I so agree about avoiding chain restaurants! Okay, so you have the predictability factor, but why not live dangerously and give something new a try—and help out the little guy. Owing a restaurant is hard work and financially challenging. Let’s reward the risk and hard work that a dreamer has chosen to undertake!

  3. I have not been to Home yet. California is home to some of my favorite restaurants and markets. I enjoy visiting local food markets and gourmet grocery stores. Erewhon Market is my favorite in Los Angeles. I can’t wait for the new location to open in Venice. I love their hot food selection. Rainbow Coop is my favorite local market in San Franciso. I no longer use Yelp. I have been disappointed too many times.

    1. You’d love Home. I think California benefits from all of the fresh product nearby. We enjoy visiting markets too. In San Francisco we went to Bi Rite Market a few different times.

  4. Looks delicious! My husband and I do the fries/salad thing too-it’s nice because i like salad but always wish I could just have a couple fries;)

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