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The Juice Bar Smoothie

This week I felt very pregnant which probably wasn’t helped by all of the hobbling around. For those of you who follow me on Snapchat (catherine.short) you might have seen my snap story about the piece of glass I stepped on. Yes, so on Sunday I broke a jar and before we could officially clean it all up I stepped on the teeniest piece. So teeny tiny that it’s been impossible to get out, but big enough to hurt when I walk.

I’m keeping it clean and taking regular epsom salt baths (a suggestion from my minute clinic visit) in hopes that the glass will exit on its own. In the meantime I’m the pregnant girl hobbling around with my compression socks. HAHA.

Onto the links!

5 Things to Try When Anxiety Sneaks Up On You / / Anxiety doesn’t plague me but that won’t mean I’ll remain immune for the rest of my life.  Anxiety especially sneaks in when new events (such as a move, wedding or baby) occur in our lives.

Star Wars, Rogue One: AKA Felicity Jones is Awesome / / A trailer for Rogue One (the next film in the Star Wars universe) released this week. As far as fantasy films go, Star Wars is a world I can get behind. I’m even more excited because Felicity Jones is the lead. I highly recommend renting another movie Felicity stars in, Like Crazy. This movie tells the story of a couple who fall in love while one is studying abroad and how distance plays a role in their future.

A Layering Guide for a Better Smoothie / / Because I work early (real early), in an effort to sustain my energy, I have to eat about six small meals a day. I got out of the smoothie drinking habit, but this week I could feel my body asking for more greens. Smoothies are the best way to consume greens before dinner (I’m not about to have a salad for breakfast). What are your favorite smoothie combinations?

A Harry Potter Fan’s Guide to Edinburgh / / Jordan traveled to Edinburgh nearly 10 years ago and hasn’t stopped talking about the city since. When we visit Europe again, I hope we can fit in an Edinburgh stop and take part in all of the HP goodness the city has to offer!

The 12 Best Food Trucks in Nashville / / Laws in Chicago make operating food trucks extremely limiting (basically they don’t exist) so I was rather surprised to discover how many were in Nashville. I’ve been to a few on this list but I’m looking forward to visiting more this summer!

Happy Weekend, all!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / The Hobbler”

  1. Can’t wait to read the post about food trucks. A friend and I are traveling to Nashville in June for a girls’ weekend and of course, we plan on eatting. Hope your foot gets better. Can only imagine how painful.

  2. Ooof, glass in you is no fun, especially in your foot! I know in the past I’ve gooped a TON of Neosporin on a glass shard that refused to come out, left it over night, and then by the morning it was ready to come out. Hopefully it wll be gone soon!

  3. Sorry to hear about the glass! I do suffer from anxiety, so I will be reading that. We just watched the Force Awakens, so I’m super excited to watch that trailer.

  4. Ouch! I’m sorry to hear about your foot! I’m sure you don’t want to be hobbling around when you’re already on the verge of waddling. I hope it works itself out of there! And thanks so much for sharing my post!

  5. totally just added you on snapchat! YESSS
    Also WOMP WOMP WOMP to the glass in a foot – i’ve had that happen and oh my gosh it sucks so bad when it doesn’t easily come out (and you’re pregnant – double ow on that foot!)

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