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California (Here We Come)

Our 2009 California Vacation

Jordan has been in California all week for work and this afternoon I’m finally boarding my flight to join him! It wasn’t ideal spending our wedding anniversary apart, BUT we’ll be spending some much-needed vacation together in California so I say it’s a good compromise. We’ve been to Cali both separately and together many times but this time we’re driving the Pacific Coast Highway from L.A. to San Fransisco and ending in Sacramento. It will be a different kind of trip full of adventure and excitement, exploring new placings and things.

I’m excited to have basically no set-in-stone agenda. We have a rough outline of when and where with certain areas of interest, but I know we’ll have to move at a slower pace because of Baby Short. If you have any stops or restaurant recommendations along the way let me know!

Onto the links!

Pregnancy Travel Tips | This trip, Jordan and I will be traveling with a combination of driving and flying. I’ve had a fairly normal and healthy pregnancy but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t come with my share of discomfort. Thankfully, my nausea subsided at 17 weeks but that’s right around the time I began swelling. I know staying hydrated and stretching as frequently as possible will be lifesavers. I love these tips.

How To Break In Clogs | My Nina Z clogs arrived earlier this week and as soon as I broke open the box I grabbed a pair of socks to begin the breaking-in process.

Let’s Talk About Sleep, Baby | I really appreciated Jessica breaking down the sleep habits of her three children. Basically, sleep training methods are not one size fits all and some children are naturally better sleepers than others. I hope baby Yoshi takes after us as Jordan and I are both great sleepers… but we shall see!

Virgin Tropical Margaritas | Despite not drinking margaritas regularly, I have craved them my entire second trimester. I plan on keeping a pitcher of this in my fridge all summer long!

Leather Furniture Favorites | I’ve been surprised at how well our furniture purchases have lasted through our moves (seven in total?) but Jordan and I both have an itch for a major decor/furniture switch up. When we move again, first on our agenda is to exchange our current couch for a leather one. Our Room & Board sofa (bought in 09) is super stylish and has held up great but it’s not as lounge-y as we would like it to be. It’s a living room couch, not a family room couch. Plus kids and cloth just don’t really mix. 😉

Happy Weekend, all!

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  1. That sounds like a fun little trip to California! My husband was stationed in San Diego for many years, so we always spent our wedding anniversary taking a drive all the way up the coast and stopping at all the little beach towns! I miss it! Have a great weekend!

    xoxo Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

  2. I think this form of link up is really cool 🙂 thanks for sharing a little bit about each post 🙂 and enjoy your trip!!!!!!!!! cali is so much fun!

  3. Isn’t that so weird how you can crave things that aren’t necessarily a normal part of your diet? Before pregnancy, I wasn’t a huge red wine drinker at all, but I CRAVED it so bad starting in my second trimester.

  4. I enjoy the food scene in Los Angeles. Jonathan Gold is the food writer for the LA Times. I follow his reviews. Sqirl and Gjelina are my current favorite restaurants. Sqirl is great for breakfast and Gjelina’s pizzas are amazing. I love the ice cream scoop shops in Cali. The Salted Caramel is popular at Bi-Rite in San Fransico. I also love the flavors at Ici in Berkley. McConnel’s is located in Santa Barbara and Downtown LA at Grand Central Market. Rainbow Coop is a great little grocery store to pick up snacks in the Mission District. Have fun making memories!

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