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April is one of my favorite months of the year! It’s our wedding anniversary and the true turn towards spring. I’m excited to see what this month holds.

Making | Piles to donate, piles to store away for another season and piles to throw away. Spring cleaning is in full force!

Wishlisting | Last summer I wrote a post about the 10 shoes every women should own. Well, after putting a good portion of our tax rebate towards savings, Jordan and I allocated a certain amount for each of us to buy something special. I’m finally going to purchase the pair of clogs I’ve wanted for a few years now!

Cleaning | Cabinets and drawers. While we don’t have a lot of closet space we do have several pieces of furniture with extra drawers, so with a little creative rearranging I’ve been able to make room for baby things.

Posting | I’m working on the recap of the third book I read for my 2016 reading challenge. My present conundrum is wanting to abandon the fourth book on my list. I’m about 1/4 the way through and it is such a slog. How do you feel about forcing yourself to read books you’re not fully enjoying, but could possibly enjoy if you simply stick with it?

Tasting | While menu planning this week I felt drawn to dishes involving tomatoes. I made a turkey bolognese on Monday but I also bought ingredients to make tomato soup and grilled cheese!

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  1. I totally understand the feeling of being unsure about abandoning a book partway through — I usually give it until halfway and if I’m still not into it by then, it’s probably a lost cause in my world!

    1. There are so many circumstances that make for a good reading experience (even size of print!) but I ended up taking the book back to the library. We’ll see if I ever pick it back up. Ha.

  2. What a cool photo! I used to always make myself finish books that I started, but then I finally decided to let some go, and it was kind of a revelation. If I am slogging or really not liking something, then I’m more likely to turn on the TV instead of pick up a book, so I get way more reading done (and enjoyment!) if I just move on. Happy April, and thanks for joining us again!

    1. That is such a valid point. I found myself avoiding it and I probably could have finished a book in that time. I’ve since returned it to the library and don’t have any regrets!

  3. Those clogs are super cute. So fun to be able to treat yourself. I usually try to make myself finish a book, but if it’s really not good, I say just forget it. Sounds like April is going to be a great month. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

  4. Catherine, it’s almost bedtime but now I want tomatoes! Mmm delicious tomatoes!

    It really depends on the book but if I’m not liking it by a quarter of the way through, I would probably put it down. I haven’t read anything for such a long time for pleasure. I really ought to.

    And oh my gosh, those clogs! LOVE! Cannot wait to see what you pair them with!

  5. i LOVE those clogs!! so excited for you 🙂 and i have been donating a ton as well. have you read the book, the magic art of tidying up? i read it last month and totally recommend it!

    1. I haven’t…but I have read a lot about it. I’m not totally sure I’m sold on her theory (like throwing away photos) but even so, I bet I could learn a few tricks.

  6. i have a HUGE pile for a yardsale i’m wanting to hold at the end of the month – so i hear you on the piles everywhere!

    i am loving those clogs!

    also, yes ma’am to the tomato dishes!

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