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Twenty Week Bump Photo

Just in the last week, my legs have begun swelling at work (#cankles). If you would have stopped by our apartment during the past few afternoons, you would have found me sitting on my couch with my legs propped up on a pillow. Thankfully, this pregnancy has been fairly manageable though certainly not without its surprises! I’m on the hunt for a pair of really comfortable (all black) work shoes because I think that is part of my swelling problem.

What are your weekend plans? I actually have Saturday AND Sunday off which hardly ever happens. Our plan is to catch up on odds and ends (we do most of my blog photography on the weekends), maybe rent a movie or two and visit a juice bar in town Jordan’s been meaning to take me to. A little play and a little productivity is the perfect weekend combination.

Onto the links!

One Pot Spicy Thai Noodles / / After eating this dinner Jordan proclaimed, “This is one of the best meals you’ve ever made.” Success! I swapped the linguine for rice noodles and mushrooms for broccoli. It’s all in the sauce so really you could use any combination of vegetables. 

Inflight Essentials / / Marla, a flight attendant, shares how she stays organized on a plane. I’ve realized one way to make travel easier with a child is to become more organized myself, so I am reading everything I find on the subject!

Finding Vivian Maier / / I highly recommend watching this documentary (streaming on Netflix) over the weekend. Vivian was a nanny in Chicago and secret prolific street photographer. She never published any of her photos and rarely even printed them. John Maloof bought a bunch of negatives at a storage locker auction hoping to find images for a project and wound up becoming enthralled by this mysterious, yet talented, woman.

The Lies HGTV Tell Us / / I love home renovation stories, but Paige is exactly right. Home renovations will cost you more and take far longer than projected!

Maternity Style / / I still have found only one pair of maternity bottoms that fit but this combination of easy dress + jacket + fedora + flats is my jam. I own a similar dress so recreating this comfortable and stylish look will be easy.

Happy weekend, all!

17 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Perfect Combinations”

  1. I love reading your pregnancy updates. I’m the type of person who like to gather aaallll the research and know everyone’s experience so I have an idea of what will be coming for me 🙂 Hope you’re loving pregnancy though!
    That documentary sounds fascinating. I’m usually not one for docs (that’s totally Tyler!) but I have a few on my list now so I might have to start making time to check them off!

  2. I feel your pain. I am suffering from the dreaded kankles as well. My husband finds it funny, I just hope I get my ankles back after baby makes an appearance. And did you know that the same thing can happen to your wrists? haha Annoying. But also, my pregnancy could have been a lot worse.

    Have a good weekend!


  3. I found luck in the Dansko clogs for work. Especially loved them while I was pregnant and this was my second pregnancy while on my feet for Starbucks and they were a saving Grace. Definitely an investment but so worth it!!

  4. Cankles…..man I don’t miss that aspect of pregnancy. Though truth be told I feel like I still have ankles and my youngest is 12. Slim ankles and I never got along! Off to check out the posts you shared…especially the HGTV one. Home projects, in my opinion, never stay on budget!

  5. Those spicy thai noodles sound delish1! Can’t wait to try them! And you’re totally right about how important it is to be organized when flying with a child. Lack of organization can make your air travel soooo much more complicated (take it from a seasoned long-haul-with-kids-in-tow air traveler;)

    Casey | http://www.frenchblissme.com

  6. I’m new here. How far along are you? Congrats! I have a friend who is a flight attendant, so I’ll have to share that link with her on the essentials 🙂

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