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22 week baby bump

Jordan and I had what felt like a decadent weekend. After a really long work week, my motivation to cook was lacking so we indulged and ate out/ordered in for most of our meals. Friday night we rented Inside Out from Redbox and munched on really delicious pizza from DeSanos. Chicago is known for good pizza (and not just deep dish) but I had yet to be impressed by any place in town, until now! DeSanos is where it’s at.

Saturday morning we stopped by Nisolo’s weekend sale where I bought this beauty! I had been saving for a great leather tote bag but it’s always better when you find it on sale. The rest of the morning we walked all around Germantown where it seems like new shops and restaurants are popping up every weekend.

I think treating every weekend from here on out as a babymoon is the way to go!

Onto the links!

How to Actually Save Money For Travel / / Last year, Jordan and I decided to separate our travel savings from the rest of our savings. It’s exciting to watch it grow and far less painless when it’s depleted as it doesn’t mean our “actual” savings is depleted.

Street Style with Nikes / / Hallelujah! This pregnant lady rejoices that there are so many comfortable yet stylish shoe options available.

Tintswalo Atlantic Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa / / Speaking of babymoons, the resort Kelly and her husband recently visited looks like the very picture of relaxation.

18 Nashville Murals / / Greta spent 2015 taking photos in front of 18 murals in Nashville! I love that this city has such fun street art.

Baking 101 How to Crack & Separate Eggs / / Watching me bake or cook is not a zen like experience. Haha. I get it done, but it’s not tidy or graceful. Joy’s baking 101 series is a fun one to read.

Happy Weekend, all!

41 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / On-going Babymoon”

  1. uhhh didn’t you just love inside out?! made me cry a few times!
    i <3 <3 <3 that how to save money for travel. it makes all the difference!

  2. On-going babymoon = the best idea! Enjoy that. Love the Nike street style post too – I just got a black pair for travel (handy to have a shoe to travel in that can also double as my workout shoe for the trip). Love the vibe of that outfit as a way to use them when I get home!

  3. I loved Greta’s post on the murals in Nashville. I am a huge street art fan and enjoy finding these enormous works of art wherever we visit!

  4. I LOVED Inside Out! 🙂 That’s a fantastic movie for a night-in. I wish we’d done a babymoon when I was pregnant with my daughter, but 1) we were trying to save up my husband’s time off so he could stay with me as long as possible postpartum, and 2) I got hideously sick around 25 weeks, which is the babymoon sweet spot, and had to be hospitalized for a week. Not quite what I had in mind!

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you got so sick. We feel very fortunate that my husband has a lot of flexibility since he works for himself/works remotely. Sometimes he’ll still have to be on a conference call/answer emails when we’re on a trip but they don’t have to know where he is. 😉

  5. I think you’re spot on – treating every weekend like a mini babymoon is SO the way forward! And henceforth I jump on your bandwagon. 😉
    I’m glad you found great pizza – there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of finding something wonderful when you’ve resigned yourself to not being able to find it locally!

    1. It’s nice to indulge a little as it’ll never quite be the same again (though I’m really glad it won’t be the same again!). The problem is now I just want to eat their pizza everyday…Haha.

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