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Parnassus Bookmobile on Wheels

Woohoo! That is the sound of me cheering for the end of tax season (#selfemployeed). It’s become a bit of a tradition for Jordan and I to do something special right after filling our taxes and this year was no different! Once our appointment was over we went on a walk around neighborhood and later to Whole Foods for dinner. Simple but exactly what we needed. Does anyone else get excited to eat cafeteria style in Whole Foods?

While on our walk we passed the cutest bookmobile! Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore in town co-owned by bestselling author Ann Patchett. I’ve visited several times to buy gifts for my nieces and nephew and was thoroughly excited when I heard a bookmobile was in the works. You can follow where Pegasus is parked on Twitter.

Onto the links!

Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad / / Out of the blue I suddenly started craving pasta salads. Which is great because my knack for dinner inspiration has been lacking lately. I love greek salads so this orzo pasta salad is right up my ally. If you are gluten-free try substituting GF pasta or even quinoa!

How to Wear Overalls / /  I love that overalls are back in stores. I own two pairs but many people tell me they just couldn’t wear them. Well, Ashley shared five different ways to style a pair of overalls! Hopefully, these give you a little inspiration.

24 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Naturally / / I had to put spring cleaning on hold while working on itemizing our expenses but now that tax season is over I am ready! I’m most excited about the all-purpose cleaner using apple cider vinegar. I have a large bottle of ACV that I rarely use.

Writing, Working, Doing Anything While Being a Parent / /  Part of me wonders how I will manage myself plus a little buddy well. I’m a bit random and not well-organized by nature, so it would seem it’s going to be chaotic. It’s nice to hear that a lot of what happens in a parents’ day is out of their control!

“Raising small people who do random and nonsensical things is plain hard. You’re doing an amazing job. You’re doing your best. And it’s definitely good enough.”

NEW SONGS. NEW SHOWS. THIS SUMMER / / In very exciting news HAIM announced new music and tour dates for the summer! Jordan and I have been waiting for a follow-up to their debut album for well, years! We’ll have to live vicariously through our friends though since we won’t be attending any festivals this summer!

Happy Weekend, all!

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17 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / A Parked Pegasus”

  1. I love Whole Foods and have lunch there at least once a week. Also love the bookmobile. Thanks for the great links, I always love finding posts I haven’t read. Have a great week.

  2. I wanted to rock overalls SO BAD. I ordered a pair from Madewell and was so excited to get them and they totally didn’t work. 🙁 Also–taxes. Might need to get on that….

  3. Thanks for sharing the information about Parnassus Books. I love supporting independent booksellers. I also saved the salad recipe. Have a great weekend!

    1. I made a similar salad and replaced it with quinoa a few years ago to make it GF. If you are ever in Nashville you’ll want to stop by! They bring in a lot of authors too for book readings/signings.

  4. Yay for taxes being filed! Always a good feeling. I’m all about natural cleaners, I love how all you really need are vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and salt most of the time! I did make a simple all purpose cleaner the other day of a bit of castile soap, water, vinegar & tea tree oil. I love how it cleans everything!

    1. For whatever reason Jordan doesn’t really think the homemade stuff actually works. He’s the one that wants all of the typical stuff. Once I’m through with what we have on hand, I’m just going to replace it without him knowing. HAHA.

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