A Revolving Door of Jewelry

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

I have no trouble rotating out certain items in my closet when they no longer fit my body or my lifestyle. Jeans, for instance, I regularly edit but I struggle to part with jewelry. It’s not like a woman stops fitting in her jewelry! Ha. Most of my jewelry is from high school, college or vintage pieces from my grandmother. At some point I liked everything, but recently I found myself rarely reaching inside my jewelry box because most of it didn’t excite me.

I’ve been organizing like crazy lately. While sorting through all of my jewelry, I finally rid myself of the guilt causing me to keep those cheap earrings from 2003. I feel so much better but the problem is I still don’t know what I want my capsule jewelry collection to look like. Enter Rocksbox!

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

Don’t know Rocksbox? Well, it’s a monthly jewelry subscription service. For $19 you’ll receive a box containing three items which you can choose to wear all month-long or swap out after a specific event to receive another box. Think of it as a revolving door of jewelry! If you fall in love with a particular piece it is yours to purchase at a discounted price.

To begin my Rocksbox account I created a style profile and selected a few items to put on a wish list. A personal stylist curated each box to match my profile (gold or silver, dainty or statement pieces). After I send back a box I make sure to leave helpful feedback for my stylist. Do I have a special occasion or want to try a specific style? This is the time to let them know! A members discount plus a $10 credit each month can be used towards a piece of jewelry.

If only Rocksbox existed during the summer of 2009 when I attended eight weddings! It would have helped me style the dresses I wore in different ways without buying items I have rarely worn since.

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

I bought a beautiful rose gold infinity Wanderlust + Co ring from my first box. The Insider price was $26 but with my $10 credit it came out to be $16! I specifically requested rings but I was surprised to find a winner right away.

Besides rings, I also got dainty and statement necklaces. Jewelry is a major way to spice up basics; especially with my limited maternity clothes, I need mix and match accessories. A simple jersey dress can be worn during the day with chucks and can transition with heels and a necklace for night! My box included two necklaces and one pair of earrings.

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

In these photos I’m wearing the Sophie Harper Dagger Pendant Necklace in Gold (I love the closure details on the necklace) and Gorjana Shimmer Mini Half Hoop earrings. In this first month I already have a better understanding of the new jewelry style I am looking to achieve!

To receive your first month of Rocksbox free use my code, ashortblondexoxo at checkout!

What is your jewelry style? Have you ever used Rocksbox?

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

16 thoughts on “A Revolving Door of Jewelry”

  1. I love that necklace! I definitely struggle with wanting to get rid of old jewelry as well. I did finally clean out my jewelry box of old high school stuff last year, though-haha

  2. I really should try this… I’ve similarly been a bit disenchanted with my jewelry lately, and I think it’s because I’m transitioning a bit from my love of big statement necklaces to liking things a bit more delicate at the moment. And I agree, it’s funny that I have no problem getting rid of stuff in general, but I hang on to jewelry even when I’m not wearing it. I think it’s because so often I put on an outfit and think it needs SOMETHING but nothing is quite right – so then I feel compelled to hang on to more pieces just in case.

  3. Those are great pieces! I have a major love affair with Rocksbox…although I have a hard time sending back anything that I really like. I kept the bright pink earrings they sent me in this latest box! You’re spot on though, my first box arrived in time for a big wedding and I got 3 pieces in it that I could wear with the dress I had (I had noted it to the stylist).

  4. i’ve heard so much about rocks box lately – and it looks really, really cool!
    so many different pieces for so many different aesthetics. <3
    that necklace looks darlin' on you šŸ˜‰

  5. I periodically go through my jewelry collection to get rid of what I don’t actually love–usually I find that what I get rid of were random gifts–the stuff that really speaks to me are items I picked out myself or asked for, or came from someone very special. I very rarely get new jewelry though, I like to stick to the signature pieces I already have.

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