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I’m fascinated with the food people keep in their kitchen. The enjoyment I receive from watching grocery hauls on YouTube is a bit silly. Haha. While grocery shopping last week, I found myself thinking about what I consider to be absolute necessities. Essentially, if I don’t have these specific items in my fridge I begin to panic. A few days later I ran across this article on Cup of Jo: What Are 5 Things In Your Kitchen You’d Never Be Caught Without? Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks about the contents of their friends’ fridges!

Some items Jordan and I can deplete and live without until our next scheduled grocery run, but if the following five items are even nearing the end, we have to make an emergency trip to the market!


Tomatoes | A grape or cherry variety preferably. Jordan eats cherry tomatoes like candy.

Spinach | We easily go through a one pound carton in five days. We use it for salads, smoothies or a soup additive. Sometimes I’ll keep another kind of green around for salads but it’s just easier to use spinach for everything.

Almond Milk | This is my go-to “milk.” Jordan still uses regular cow’s milk for cereal but he likes almond milk in his smoothies.

Bananas | My favorite smoothie involves a frozen banana, spinach and almond milk. My OB recently told me bananas should be considered a “dessert” fruit but I say, “Let them eat bananas!”

Eggs | My favorite source of protein are eggs. I eat them almost every day in all forms. I need to be more diligent about prepping hard-boiled eggs because they would be ideal for quick mornings.

With the above items we are able to make smoothies, salads, fried eggs or even a vegetable frittata. As you can tell, our favorite lazy but healthy meal involves breakfast. I’m not a huge meat-eater and while Jordan would prefer meat for dinner, on a low-key night he is perfectly happy with toast and a smoothie.

If I was to add five more items they would be oats, peanut butter, orange juice, ice cream and frozen blueberries. Can you tell which of those items are for Jordan? 😉

What are your five grocery essentials?

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  1. We used to buy a lot of spinach when we lived in the USA–over here, there’s something a little different about it, I don’t like to eat it raw, so we’ll only buy it if we’re cooking something with it. I love cherry or grape tomatoes–oh, they’re just like candy to me, I could eat them every day–but they don’t have them here, or at least they aren’t widely available. I’m sure if some specialty store has them, they’re really expensive!
    I’d say our can’t-live-withouts are chicken breasts (if we have no meat in the freezer Angel heads to market real quick to pick up some fresh meat to prepare, because he’s another one who can’t live without meat), onions, tortillas, tomatoes, and eggs. (Add in green beans, carrots, garlic, and bananas, for a few more things that end up on the weekly market list without fail!)

  2. I agree on all of those except the tomatoes. I love bananas too. I’m not too worried about over-eating on bananas though. It’s better than a box of cookies 😉

  3. Bananas, milk, juice, bread, and peanut butter are the essentials in our house mostly for our boys. I absolutely can’t live without romaine lettuce/spinach for salads that I eat daily. I agree, it is always interesting to watch grocery hauls-haha.

    1. If the spinach begins to wilt I freeze it. It still works great in smoothies or soups! That’s sort of one reason why I don’t keep regular lettuce around regularly — it doesn’t freeze.

  4. Our five things are coffee creamer, butter, bacon, cheese and onions! We may not even need the items for a recipe that week, but if we’re getting low on any of those things, it’s “Pick up more Blah Blah”!

  5. Yes, frittatas!! I love having fresh produce in our kitchen and exploring ways to use them. Because we get a CSA box, there’s always a wide variety! But as far as cooking, I always make sure we have onion and garlic; they’re two of my favorite aromatics, ever. Also, we love lentils!

  6. When I was commuting I made a batch of hardboiled eggs every Sunday- I was known as the ‘egg girl’ at work. Today I’m glad to get to fry them up fresh every morning. 🙂 Wish I could say I ate as much spinach as you do…

  7. Love any fruits really, right now the clementines are out so they’re a must! In the summer I love watermelon! Cannot wait for the warmer months!
    🙂 kenzie

  8. Yes, I eat cherry tomatoes like they’re candy! If only they were as satisfying. 🙂 We also always have almond milk and spinach — smoothie essentials. We always have sweet potatoes (me) and kettle-cooked chips (Dan). It would be a disaster without them!

  9. Your grocery essentials are WAY healthier than ours! Our essentials would be breakfast burritos, some kind of fruit (likely bananas), coffee, wine, and some sort of frozen dinner! Literally, that’s what I would get if I could only buy five things.

  10. We always have to have:

    -Fresh fruit (always oranges and bananas)
    -Olive oil (my husband’s daily breakfast involves olive oil)
    -Bread (he’s Spanish, so yeah, necessary
    -Coffee/tea (I’m coffee; he’s tea)

  11. I love this! I’m on such a grocery kick recently and I am loving watching the “what I eat in a day” videos on Youtube. I’m a little obsessed lol. I would say our staple 5 are probably bananas, yogurt, eggs, apples, and coffee creamer. (We’re big fruit people in my house). I’m actually a vegetarian so mostly our fridge is stocked with all sorts of fresh fruits & veggies!

  12. This is such a fun post idea – I am a total sucker for any type of “what’s in my bag” post, so I of course love the “what’s in my fridge” idea too. Always so interesting to hear about other people’s everyday like this. Spinach and bananas are the things that constantly have me running to the store, given how much smoothie my boys go through in a week… For me the staples are greek yogurt, carrots, and avocados – I’d say the majority of my dinner plans involve avocados.

  13. I never really thought of my necessities for the grocery store. Thinking about it I know, milk, cereal, bread, eggs, and some kind of meat. Cody is a meat eater and he is the one who cooks each night.

  14. i love love LOVE posts like this (i’m glad i’m not the only one who is nosey about the every day needs!)
    Mine are: almond butter, eggs, sweet potatos, rolled oats, bananas & coconut oil.
    i chose 6. i could probably pick 10 😉

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