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19 week bump photo

Wishing | Someone would visit me every morning and style my hair. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Craving | Everything! Haha. I was extremely hungry in the beginning of this pregnancy, but it slowed down for a few weeks only to amp back up around 18 weeks. I’m craving healthy food (apples and salads) but also pastries. #weakness

Going |
March is the first month I’m not traveling since October (and before that it was June), so the plan is to stay in. I need to finish our baby registry and taxes before April.

Wearing |
These jeans and Blanqi leggings (that link will get you 20% off!). I’m on the hunt for a good pair of full panel maternity jean shorts. I ordered a pair with store credit from ThredUP (that link gives $10 for all first time customers) and I’m hoping they fit.

Learning | 
I’m constantly relearning while I may not be in control of all situations in my life, I am in control of how I react to those situations.

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8 thoughts on “Currently / / March”

  1. Awe. You look adorable. It’s nice that you’re craving healthy food. I just craved junk food toward the end of my first pregnancy and gained a bunch of weight. I would love if someone would come and style my hair too!

  2. I would love a stylist every morning- hair or clothes! I have wanted to try Thread up, but haven’t jumped yet. We will see after my clothing budget recovers from my 5/5 Stitch Fix. Enjoy your time finishing that baby!

  3. Blanqi leggings are the best for before and definitely after baby! Lots of support and some modesty if you choose to nurse!

  4. Oh, that wish would be the best thing ever if it came true. I have no desire to be a celebrity except for that, ha! And staying in always sounds nice after months with travel – hope you enjoy.

  5. can i have that hair stylist as well? please and thank you!
    i’m learning how to be in control of my reactions as well – it’s a challenge!

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