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Seventeen Week Baby Bump

Time is a fickle thing. As of Wednesday, I am 18 weeks pregnant and so far this pregnancy is moving far quicker than I expected. Four months during our infertility season seemed to drag on and on (and on and on) and yet here I am researching strollers, baby monitors, and breast pumps. I’m trying my best to savor this brief season of life as July will be here before I know it.

My weekend day off has been Sundays lately, which is also when Jordan and I snap a bump photo. It’s funny to share this picture of me all bundled up on Valentine’s Day while today (Friday) it’s sunny and 66° F. Please let spring be here to stay!

Before sharing my links from this week I wanted to let you all know I began a partnership with Rocksbox last week and will be sharing more looks with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime use my code,”ashortblondexoxo,” to get your first month FREE!

Onto the links!

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal | Eating breakfast has always been a necessity for me. I can’t skip it! I prefer to have eggs for the protein, but unless I remembered to make hardboiled eggs, cooking them just isn’t possible when I have to be at work by 4:00 am. Baked oatmeal has been on my to-make list and finally this week I did it! I take a scoop and top it with yogurt for a quick breakfast on the go.

The Great Maternity Jean Hunt | Last Wednesday was the official end of me wearing non-maternity jeans. I went to get dressed for a birthday party we were attending at Dave & Busters (which was a blast BTW) and while slipping into the one pair of jeans I thought still fit, I realized it was time to embrace maternity pants. I immediately ordered this pair. Merrick’s guide to maternity denim was really helpful in my selection!

Top Tips for Traveling with Kids (article 1 & 2) | I read two great blog posts (from expats) on traveling with kids and it gave me a lot of hope! Jordan and I enjoy traveling and wish to instill a curious spirit in our child(ren). We don’t plan on traveling less once this little baby arrives, but we do plan on having a series of tiring travel experiences before our vacations begin to feel like vacations again.

(I feel as though international families are forced to travel more to visit family members and thus their kids get used to it.)

Digital Detox: An Introduction | “Technology is an incredible tool for something. But, if we don’t know what that something is, then having the tool isn’t helpful.”

I’m very excited for Lane’s new series. My relationship with technology, I believe, is healthy but I still find myself utilizing small increments of wait time (doctors visits, breaks at work etc) to mindlessly scroll. At the beginning of the year I resolved to always have a book with me. If I bring a book I’ll reach for it first but if I don’t my phone becomes my crutch.

Happy Weekend, all!

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  1. I have to say that I absolutely love Gap 1969 maternity jeans. Always go with the full panel because the demi just didn’t look right and I swear it’s either for petite gals or just to wear during your 1st/2nd trimester and your bump isn’t large yet. I made sure to buy maternity jeans in black, blue, and white…that got me through the majority of my pregnancy without having to spend a lot of money. It’s crazy how expensive maternity wear can be! But you’re lucky in the sense that the majority of your pregnancy will be during the spring/summer so I’m sure you’ll save on jeans and have funds go towards cute dresses that can easily transition from pregnancy to postpartum! 😉

    1. So far the pair of jeans I bought have been working out great. You are right, I’ll be able to get by with a lot of dresses! I just ordered a pair of shorts on thredUP that I hope work out as the weather will be warming up quickly.

  2. I have yet to go to a D&B!! Glad to hear it was fun 😉 I don’t think there’s any shame in a maternity jean, you’ve gotta be comfortable!!! I also love that you are planning on reading rather than reaching for your phone. I think I might have to implement that too. Great idea!

    1. I’m not someone who has played a lot of arcades, but it was a fun birthday party idea! We all pooled our winnings to allow the birthday boy to pick out his prize. 😉

  3. Full panel skinny jeans were my absolute fave last pregnacy- loved gap and old navy tanks with drapy cardigans, sweatshirts, tie sweater coats with them

    1. Full panel all the way! I found these long tunic tank “dresses” from Forever 21 that are really stretchy. I just wish more places had an in store maternity section.

  4. Sooo it’s been forever since I’ve read up on blogs because of how busy work has become, but I just saw this photo of you and your adorable little baby bump and had to comment that I am so excited for you guys!!!! Congratulations! 🙂

  5. goodness me, i need to do a digital detox!

    and, one of my coworkers is on maternity leave – and she loves the breast pumps that you can hook up and wear with a special bra so you can still get stuff done 😉 just fyi haha

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