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Maternity Clothes

It feels so good having this pregnancy out in the open! Jordan and I were floored by all of the sweet comments and general excitement over this baby. You all are the best! I joke that whatever news you have to share isn’t real until it becomes internet official. Haha.

This was a short work week for me as Jordan and I are spending an extended weekend in Chicago. The band Jordan played in for a stint in his early 20s is having a reunion show tonight! My days of being a band girlfriend seems like a lifetime ago but yet I remember it so clearly. This is probably due to the fact I was a freshman in college and Jordan and I had just started dating. Two very memorable moments in my life.

Onto the links!

How to Freeze Leftovers / / To aid in a more streamlined storing system, I recently bought a roll of Washi tape so I could start labeling our leftovers in the freezer.

A Maternity Capsule Wardrobe / / Pretty early on during this pregnancy, most of my pants stopped fitting. My weight hasn’t fluctuated much my entire adult life so even the five pounds (plus some bloating) I gained the first trimester made a huge difference in the fit of my clothes. I expect to spend most of my pregnancy in dresses as I don’t like wearing jeans in the summer under normal circumstances. So far I’ve bought three cotton dresses from Target and they are awesome!

What’s In My Carry On / / I love seeing the techniques and what people pack in their carry on bags. Mastering the art of packing is a skill I would like to acquire one of these days. Lately, I’ve gotten a bit lazy when it comes to packing as we’ve been taking more road trips, but I need to reign it in as soon I won’t just be packing for myself!

Legit Mom Style / / Do you read Natalie’s blog? I discovered her last fall and I love her series, Legit Mom Style. Natalie’s style is simple and classic but still with personality.

The Real World / / Um. Did you know season one of MTV’s The Real World is on Hulu?! In high school my dream was to be on The Real World one day. You got to live in a cool house in a new city without having to worry about being voted off or eating bugs!

Happy Weekend, all!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Maternity Wardrobes + Leftovers”

  1. I did not know that Real World is on Hulu! I’ve been thinking about getting a subscription, and this might just push me to finally do it. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your growing belly! Hope you have a very happy weekend in Chicago! 🙂

  2. Nice timing on that capsule wardrobe post, eh? 🙂 But for summer I totally did live in dresses – comfortable, and they continued to fit all the way to the end, whereas the bump starts to completely repel pants at a certain point. Love the Legit Mom Style series too. And yes, so fun to be able to have the pregnancy news out there, isn’t it?! I remember feeling so false for the first 16 weeks, because there was this huge thing that was different about me, but nobody I was interacting with, except my husband, best friend, and parents knew about it.

  3. The Real World take me way back….to me it was the first reality tv show! I dreaded wearing jeans when I was pregnant too. Dresses were my favorite!

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