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This week was a bit of a slog. Our weekend in Chicago was filled to the brim with events and visiting friends, but all the late nights left me exhausted! I have yet to experience the boost of energy everyone keeps telling me happens in the second trimester, but I haven’t given up hope!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? I’m hoping to enjoy a nice lunch out and take photos for some upcoming projects. Our weekends are often a mixture of work and play but as long as Jordan and I are doing it together, I am fine with it!

Onto the links!

The One New-Mom Expectation That Changed Everything | I plan on referencing what Brittany says in this post frequently as our days with a newborn draw nearer.

The 25 Best Instagram Spots in LA | Never mind Instagram! I just want to visit some fun spots! Haha. I’m excited to experience some of these while Jordan and I are in LA this spring! I do love a good wall mural.

Curried Red Lentil and Pumpkin Soup | After discovering a rogue can of pumpkin in my “pantry cabinet” this soup is now on my weekend agenda. In an effort to pare down a bit, I realized keeping a well-stocked pantry isn’t necessary. I work across the street from Trader Joe’s and we live around the corner from Kroger. If we run low on something all we have to do is take a short walk!

In Our Hospital Bags | While packing a hospital bag is several months away it’s never too early to read what others consider essential. This list gives me some good ideas! Megan and Mike are bringing their own reading lamp to avoid using the harsh hospital light. Genius!

Carpool Karaoke | Please tell me you have watched at least one of James Corden’s carpool karaoke segments. If not please do yourself a favor and start with Adele or Justin Bieber. They are simply a delight.

Happy Weekend, all!

20 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / Instagram + Carpool Karaoke”

  1. I love James Corden. He’s so freakin hilarious – and the one with Adele is epic!

    That hospital pack list is so much like my first one. Definitely geared more towards a midwife / less hospital-y birth. Some hospitals aren’t great about letting you change the room / use scents & oils, although it seems like they’re getting better. My 2nd list was wildly different – and I bet this next one will be even shorter lol. My labor the 2nd time was so short I didn’t get to even open my bag!! 🙂 It’s brilliant to see what other people are packing. It can remind you of something important! The food for after labor – YES. I was STARVING after I had Peanut and I literally just missed the dinner order timing at the hospital. I was so mad! M had to scrounge stuff for me from vending machines and I was kicking myself for not having something of more substance in my bag. (The 1st time I was in the UK, and mamas have a little kitchen stocked with the necessities – tea and toast, at minimum! – that you can help yourself to, so I didn’t even think about the lack of this.) Have something that will tide you over in case your labor is at night too!

    Oh, also – I will be making that soup this week, score!! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I’m not delivering with a midwife and haven’t actually visited the hospital to see what they allow. I loved the idea of wearing a t-shirt dress instead of a hospital gown. That’s so silly the hospital doesn’t serve some sort of meal at all hours. I’ll make sure to have granola bars and nuts stashed away!

  2. I love looking at hospital lists and comparing what I did bring or what I should have brought…. and what I am so not bringing this time! I definitely agree with the note above though, our midwives(I used a birthing center) let us have music, EOs, change the lighting, all that jazz…and the hospital I almost had to have this one at wouldn’t even let me bring my own snacks! -.-

  3. Saving the LA Instagram post. I have not been to Silver Lake yet. So many great photo opportunities in that neighborhood. If you visit L.A. I love the prepared foods section at Erhorn Grocery. You may even spot a few celebrities.

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