Retracing Steps in Chicago

The Bean in Chicago

Many of our visits home to Illinois sadly don’t involve extra time to venture into Chicago. When we are able to extend our trip by a day or two Jordan and I make it a point to spend an afternoon in one of our favorite cities. I greatly miss it.

Even though February is typically one of the worst months to venture outside in Chicago, Jordan and I decided in advance of our recent trip we would make the best of it, snow or shine! Thankfully, the weekend we visited was rather mild for a midwestern winter. The sun was not shy!

Chicago Architecture

We were in town for a reunion show Jordan’s old band participated in. The whole weekend felt like a 10-year high school reunion. Haha. I still vividly remember that season in our life, as we had just started dating. So many memories of us are sprinkled all around Chicago: hotels we’ve stayed at for anniversaries, coffee shops we’ve dreamed in, streets we’ve walked hand-in-hand… I’m excited to introduce this baby to some of those places.

Saturday morning we woke early, excited to venture outside with our friends who drove in for the show. If there is one thing I’ve craved this pregnancy it’s brunch, so our day began with eggs, pancakes and decaf coffee.

Once our plates were cleared and we were parked closer to Michigan Ave, we ducked in and out of shops that struck our fancy (Zara! Top Shop! Dylan’s Candy Bar! Garret Popcorn! ). I found a few pieces of clothing at Uniqlo (of course Chicago gets one right after we move!). I had hoped to find more maternity sections at these stores (considering it was downtown) but alas it seems most are online only.

Uniqlo in Chicago

Street Performers in Chicago

Chicago Architecture

Chicago Architecture

Chicago Architecture

Even though it was chilly, because the sun was shining, everyone was out and about. There is a significant buzz felt when the sun is abundant in Chicago. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere.

Chicago Architecture

Chicago Architecture

^ My family took an architecture boat tour here when I was younger. I still remember the ride, but I don’t remember any of the information. I’d like to do it again.

Chicago Architecture

Chicago Architecture

27 thoughts on “Retracing Steps in Chicago”

    1. Chicago is a very large city. The “dangerous” parts are more residential and places the average person visiting wouldn’t even go near. Where as downtown and your typical tourist spots are very safe in comparison. 😉

  1. Last time we were in Chicago it was March and really chilly!! Glad that the weather worked out well enough for this time of year. I also enjoy visiting for a day or two once in a while. It was an easy trip when we lived in Michigan!

  2. I love visiting places I once loved so much like this. I think you guys definitely need to do the architecture tour again! I haven’t been to Chicago, but I already know I’m down to be the biggest tourist ever when I do.

      1. My hubby and I are going in May… We are food people. Not so much art/history people. What are some must see/do things?

        1. If the weather is good renting bikes is fun. Obviously there is plenty of eating and shopping to be had. For pizza, I recommend pizzeria uno or due ( or Lou Malnatis. For brunch, check out Little Goat ( For coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea. Chicago has an Eataly now ( which is a great place to grab an quick glass of wine or snack while you are out shopping. We like going to concerts and there are a lot of clubs around the city.

          Walk up and down Michigan Ave for great views of the lake + shopping. We like visiting The Lincoln Park Zoo as it’s free and the Lincoln Park neighborhood is really beautiful (most Vince Vaughn movies based in Chicago are from that neighborhood).

          Have fun!

  3. I love chicago, though I haven’t been in awhile, we would stop at the museums, and Millennium park and Navy Pier. I feel like everytime you go there is something new and fun to explore. I’d love to go back and take pictures of it!
    So glad you shared! 🙂
    x Kenzie

  4. I currently live in Chicago (about to move though) and it’s such a great city! I love it here and this February hasn’t been that cold – thank goodness! Lovely photos. 🙂

  5. These photos are fantastic! It will be so amazing to make new memories with a little one in tow, in the places you have spent so much time in the past!

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