PinkBlush Stylin’ + A Giveaway

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

I know some women who are less than thrilled with the prospect of having to purchase maternity clothes, but I have been looking forward to this day for years! When faced with the many facets of infertility, I acknowledged certain dreams of mine (such as wearing maternity clothes) might not become a reality for me. Now that I am here, I want to fully embrace this beautiful season of life which includes new pieces of clothing to celebrate my growing baby.

I first heard of PinkBlush Maternity through my friend Teresa and loved their sexy, playful, and affordable clothes. I am so excited I now have the opportunity to wear them!

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothing has come a long way since my mother was pregnant with me. There is no need to settle for oversized and ill-fitting muumuus or denim jumpers (though maybe I actually want one 😉 ) especially with all of the trendy maternity clothes available.

It’s been a bit tricky learning which pieces are most comfortable for my changing body without spending a ton of money: full panel pants, yes; side panel, no. I’ve bought and returned more than my share of items already! So far dresses have been my go-to and thankfully PinkBlush has a plethora of cute maternity dresses. I’ll be my largest during the summer and I plan on floating in my pool and living in dresses those last few months!

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

This light blue fitted maternity dress is incredibly comfortable and versatile. It looks great with little booties but it’s casual enough for sandals as the weather warms. The material is soft and stretchy but still has structure.

PinkBlush graciously partnered with me to offer a $50 gift card to one lucky winner. And don’t worry if you aren’t pregnant, PinkBlush also has cute, non-maternity clothing as well!

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

Light Blue Short Sleeve Fitted Dress c/o Pinkblush Maternity

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54 thoughts on “PinkBlush Stylin’ + A Giveaway”

    1. I had the hardest time finding pants to wear to work. I ended up finding a pair of black capris with a side panel. They are okay but I’m constantly pulling them up! But for $12 on clearance I can’t really complain.

  1. So cute! I never tried PinkBlush for maternity stuff, but I lived in simple ruched dresses like this the summer I was pregnant too, and combined with regular wardrobe items like the field jacket that fit all the way through pregnancy. The perfect easy formula for looking cute, being comfortable, and not over-spending! I did have a lot of good luck with finding online deals from Gap maternity, so-so on Loft and Old Navy, and LOVED my Isabella Oliver ruched dresses that were a splurge but got a ton of wear and were quality enough to hang onto for a potential future pregnancy (or consign). Have fun with it!

    1. I’ve been living in dresses. I like the jeans I bought but I won’t just wear them when I’m home lounging. Thankfully I don’t have need an entire work uniform. I just sized up on my polos. On Monday I’m going to attempt to find a bathing suit for our vacation!

  2. That dress is amazing! You look great. I found the most comfy tee ever in the maternity section at Target and sent it to my bff (who is currently pregnant) and she says she wears it almost every day when she’s lounging around at home. I think it would be wearable for anyone, really! I’ll send you the link, because I’m not even pregnant and I would live in it.

  3. Love their dresses! I bought a bright floral maxi one there that I’ve been stashing away for one of my upcoming showers. Hoping it warms up here a bit in IL first 🙂

  4. Never even heard of Pink Blush! I’m so excited for you!! Somewhere down the road if I have more babies I will for sure check it out! I lived in full panel pants during pregnancy. I couldn’t stand anything pushing on my stomach at all. Old Navy has really comfy ruched tank tops for summer in pretty colors, pretty inexpensive. So excited to see more belly blogs!

  5. So excited for you and seriously can’t wait to see all your bump style posts. I have told Tyler I want to time my pregnancy to deliver in winter/early spring because I have this weird excitement about being pregnant (but not uncomfortably so) during the holidays. Lol! But now that you’ve brought up the idea of summer dresses for the third trimester… Now that might be a game changer 😉

    1. Thank you!! I wouldn’t recommend being in your first trimester during the holidays. Now, I clearly had no control in the planning but it was a miracle our tree and any presents were bought because I was essentially in bed by 7pm every night! HAHA

  6. I love your looks. If money were no object I would shop JCrew, Splendid, Three Dots, Karen Kane, and I’m sure there are plenty more all the time. While I do shop the above listed online it’s usually during good sales. The sites that I usually shop that are much more reasonsably priced day to day are Forever21, Old Navy, H&M, 6pm, and JC Penney to name a few. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  7. Lately, I really like Zulily for maternity wear. The only downfall is that they don’t accept returns, but there are a ton of new items added daily!

  8. I do like Pink Blush – I didn’t have anything from them before but this time around I ordered 2 tops from them because I was rather sick of wearing all the same stuff. And I needed work clothes the 1st time, which I so do not now ha. I find their bottoms fit a tad smaller than others but the quality is lovely. There’s a few summer dresses I have on my wish list – I’ll be huge in the summer too! Eek! My other prego favorite is Seraphine, from when I lived in London. They do ship to the US (& within 2 days, amaze!) but their prices are a tiny bit higher, depending on what you buy. But their jeans are my FAVORITE. I live in jeans until I get huge, since I’m just running around with these 2 and doing casual things mostly. So having 4 or 5 pairs of jeans to wear to death is critical for me! 😉 You look ADORABLE. <3

    1. I have only bought one pair of jeans and have mostly lived in dresses/sweats at home! If I wasn’t working and had to get out more during the day in non-work clothes I’d need more jeans. Usually I just run my errands after work and once I’m home the sweats come on. HAHA. I’ll be curious what items will work the (hopefully) second time around.

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