First Trimester Musings

First Trimester Musings

I went from finding out I was pregnant and feeling fairly normal, albeit slightly bloated, to feeling very pregnant in a matter of days. The nausea, headaches and exhaustion were intense at times but manageable with the right tools.

On a typical work day, during my first trimester, I’d arrive home and eat a snack immediately. I’d then try to spend an hour or so blogging before the desire for a nap consumed me. Even with the nap I still went to bed around 8 each night. I never got “enough” sleep, but I was thankful for the moments of slumber. During the early weeks I had to limit my expectations and focus on accomplishing the absolute necessities. I’m pretty sure Jordan survived on cereal, business lunches and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s during that time!

Everyone’s pregnancy symptoms are different and experienced with varying degrees. I found a few things that helped me through those early weeks and wanted to share in hopes they might help you!

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1. LaCroix and Gatorade. It’s even better when the Gatorade is slightly slushy from being stashed in the freezer. Hydration is extremely important and sometimes tap water wasn’t appealing to me.

2. Embrace the carbs. And cheese. And eggs. Essentially eat what sounds good to you and worry about the nutritional content later (within reason of course). I couldn’t eat vegetables for almost a month but now I eat a good handful or two of spinach everyday. It’s important to be mindful of our eating at all times but this isn’t the time to worry about carb consumption.

3. Eat often. I needed to eat every three hours or else my stomach was UPSET. I never got terribly sick but on some afternoons being exhausted from work, my stomach was topsy-turvy. Thankfully, my nausea occurred midday to evening which made getting up for work not too difficult.

4. Sleep. I expected the nausea but the exhaustion took me by surprise. I still get tired but I don’t need a nap everyday like I did in the beginning. Limit your commitments to a manageable amount. It won’t last forever.

5. Be careful of information overload. Find a good doctor and only allow the voices of people you trust to infiltrate your mind. It’s a lot to take in and there is no need to become bogged down!

What essentials helped you through the first trimester?

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  1. Sleep is so important! That was my first sign I was pregnant this time-i was inconsolably tired!! And yes, eat as often as possible! I always wished someone had told me that it was so uncomfortable. I was scared all the time with the tiniest cramping; now I know that was normal!!

  2. Congrats!! These are great! I couldn’t eat veggies the first trimester either. It was all carbs and sweets! Now that I am into the 3rd trimester I have been able to eat them again. I also agree with eating often. It helped my nausea very much to have something in my stomach.

  3. Number 5 is SO TRUE!! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by allllll of the information out there, and you make a great point about choosing the voices you trust carefully! I picked a team of doctors I trusted implicitly, and perfected my “smile and nod” for everyone else 😉 Including friends with kids and our mothers!

  4. Keep the pregnancy posts coming!! My first trimester was similar to yours — I never actually got sick, but man, that nausea would hit after a long day at work. Pretzels and bread were all I wanted!

  5. Eating whatever you can..YES. I made the mistake of forcing myself to eat veggies during the first trimester (when all my body would really keep down was carbs) and I made myself so sick that I couldn’t even touch most vegetables for the rest of my pregnancy. Good for you for listening to your body! I am still just so excited for you!

  6. Aren’t hormones just the craziest? I remember how almost immediately after getting pregnant I started having to get up to pee in the middle of the night EVERY night. (Which is apparently a legit hormonal thing, not just a baby pressing on the bladder thing, I learned.) I also found I had to eat with more frequency than normal to keep nausea at bay, and I also found that even though I was really tired, keeping active definitely helped me feel better. It was just harder to get out the door to do it! And so true about information overload and finding a good doctor. I tended to get anxious between appointments but then always felt better every time I had another one and got to hear the baby’s heart beat – but it totally helped having a laid back doctor who’d tell me “you’re doing great” and not stress me out with other stuff at each appointment.

  7. With my first pregnancy I didn’t get sick at all but with my second pregnancy.. oh man, I was sick all 9 months. It was horrible. I had to be put on meds. I was able to eat Gold Fish crackers to help with the nausea which is weird bc the saltine crackers didn’t help at all.

  8. Ok, totally not pregnant right now (nor have I been yet)…but this post makes my little heart so happy!! I’m am so freakin excited for ya’ll right now! God is so faithful! I can’t wait to see how your journey continues! And, I hope that whole nausea thing dies down quickly lol

  9. Love all of these tips. I lucked out with little nausea with my first pregnancy, but this pregnancy and my last one I suffered throughout the pregnancy. Hope you’re feeling well and congrats mama!

  10. Your symptoms sound so similar to my pregnancies. And all of your tips are right on par with what I would tell a first time mom too. So much good advice!

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