Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch

My love for Warby Parker glasses is well-known by now. I have been rocking my Edgeworth pair for about two years and I receive compliments on them almost daily.

Glasses have been a staple in my ensemble since I was seven years old. My eyesight is terrible so they are an everyday necessity for me! The only problem is that paying for quality frames/lenses as an adult usually means parting ways with a good chunk of change. When I first heard about Warby Parker, how I could buy frames and lenses for less than $100 and that the company donates a pair for each purchase, I was hooked. I will admit I have a long way to go before all of my purchases are from ethically responsible companies but I at least feel confident about the purchase of my glasses.

Today, Warby Parker launches their spring 2016 line: We’re Heading to The Circus. It is full of bold colors and three new silhouettes. When Warby Parker asked me to help promote their new line, it came at just the right time. I have been in the market for another pair of glasses to add to my collection. In the past I never would have been able to afford to own multiple pairs at once but, with a $95 price point, it is completely feasible to have a few to mix and match.

I  ordered several for their Home-Try On program and will share my options and ultimate winner in different looks coming very soon!

Have you ever ordered glasses from Warby Parker?

16 thoughts on “Warby Parker Spring 2016 Launch”

  1. I’ve never done Warby, but with my recent decline in eye sight, your post just inspired me to do the free home try on! There are some cute styles!

  2. I just ordered 5 for try on for my first new pair in 3 years. My prescription requires the high-index lenses but the value is still great compared to my eye doctor. Plus, the styles are top notch too.

  3. I’ve had lasik, which is AMAZING (I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade), but I still miss the fashion statement of glasses sometimes… I got a Warby Parker pair last year when I started needing them for nighttime driving and the try-on is so fun. I hope you show all the pairs you try – I bet you’ll pick fabulous ones!

  4. I just got a Warby Parker gift card I am so excited to use! I can’t wait to try them on at home and make my decision. It’s hard with so many cute styles! 🙂

  5. Yes!! I can’t wait to see all the ones you try on. I’m a bit obsessed with Warby Parker too. Unfortunately, they don’t ship free to Alaska (why do companies do that?? usps costs are no different!) so last January I timed my home try-on for when we’d be back in the lower 48 visiting family. This year, I’m planning to get some glasses while we’re here in Malaysia because it’s supposed to be even cheaper! We’ll see if they’re as stylish as Warby Parker though 🙂

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