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Resolving | I am the first to admit organization isn’t my main priority. I can live with a certain level of disorganization but this year I am resolving to put things away quickly. Our place is small and thus it gets messy quickly!

Reading | Before leaving for Kansas City last month, I went to the library and while browsing the aisles stumbled upon, A Crowded Marriage by Catherine Alliott. Her writing style reminds me of a British Emily Giffin. I can’t wait to dive into her catalog.

Organizing | Our closets.

Loving | Hot chocolate! I bought the dark chocolate variety from Archer Farms and mix it with almond milk. Yum! Jordan and I enjoy it with our leftover Christmas cookies at night.

Craving | I crave foods seasonally. In the summer all I want are berries and melons and now that the temperatures are dipping I’m eating cuties (aka clementines) like it’s my job. I also bought grapefruits this week at Trader Joes. Jordan grew up sprinkling brown sugar on top but I like to eat them plain.

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  1. I’ve been in love with dark hot chocolate lately! It’s so nice for the cold weather! These sound like great resolutions, I picked up a book from the store just the other day and can’t wait to tuck into it!
    I hope you have a great New Year! 🙂
    x Kenzie

    1. Dark chocolate is my favorite. My mom always gives me a stash of dove dark chocolate squares for Christmas and my birthdays. It’s a nice little treat without the hassle of baking.

  2. I like your style of writing. I’ve been enjoying Cuties quite a bit myself lately. Funny you mentioned hot chocolate, I shared our favorite recipe today on my blog. Wishing much luck as you get organized. 🙂

  3. Lots of Cuties getting peeled around our house too – the toddler and the dog both love them. And putting things away quickly is a great way to work on the resolution of being more organized! Such a little thing really, but it’s easy to let it get out of hand. But I find when I do stay on top of it, it’s just easier because I’m in the habit and also because there aren’t daunting piles of stuff to deal with. Good luck 🙂

  4. Brown sugar on grapefruit?! I’ve never heard of that, and I can’t quite image it being tasty either. But that’s my favorite fruit… so I think I need to branch out and try it in a new way! Also, I totally get the small spaces issue. I got this habit in college of going around straightening up the living room every night before bed, but I have yet to get good at keeping our room neat. When we settle down again, that will be my big goal!

    1. Jordan claims it cuts the tartness but that’s what I like about grapefruit! I need to start making habits of straightening up at a certain time of day like taking my vitamins.

  5. The brown sugar on grapefruits must be a Fitz thing because that is my favorite way to eat them too and the only way I had until I was an adult!!!!!

  6. Mmm…I could really go for that cup of hot chocolate so thank you for that! I constantly stare at my closets and always feel the urge to finally organize them but alas it never happens. Which reminds me…I should really get to organizing them. I’m just surprised that apartments aren’t equipped with more storage space. Happy January!

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