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Greetings from Chicago! I hope you all are having a great week. I work in retail, and while I was able to get time off this week I will be working Christmas so I am soaking this time with our families. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it was a great day. I have three nieces and a nephew all under the age of 7. My parent’s house gets crazy in 2.5 seconds, but it’s a fun kind of chaos.

On Wednesday, I mentioned I would be on the newest episode of Vernacular Podcast and the episode was released today! I was brought on to discuss my gift guide and to tease the Vernacular Podcast + A Short Blonde Holiday Giveaway! We gathered together some of our favorite items to send to one lucky winner: Nashville BBQ sauce, coffee from a local Nashville roaster, this cookbook (the author, Ashley Rodriguez, was interviewed on the podcast) and many more fun goodies. Good Luck!

Onto the links!

Hostess Gifts / / Nelle rounded up great ideas for hostess gifts. Homemade treats are always an option, but sometimes it’s far easier to bring a bottle of wine wrapped in something fancy!

Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps / / I made a variation of these wraps and intended to eat them for my Thanksgiving meal, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and eat the sides despite the dairy and gluten. This meal will be for over the weekend.

On Being BRCA2-Positive / / Megan has been very candid about sharing her mother’s recent mastectomy surgery and her journey to have genetic testing. It’s really easy to take our health in our twenties for granted. We might even put off certain tests, but I liked what she worded finding out the news.

“…We all have a certain risk of all kinds of illnesses, because we’re alive and we’re human and things go wrong. This is one that I get to face head on and avoid. It’s a gift.”

Boho Party Dress  / / Now that Thanksgiving is behind us I can begin thinking about Christmas and NYE. We’re attending a NYE party that’ll be a bit more formal, so I’m gathering ideas on what to wear. I love how Alice styled this fun LBD though I’d probably need to add tights.

Christmas Music / / Besides the playlist at work I haven’t listened to any Christmas music this year. Sufjan Steven’s two Christmas albums are still some of my favorites.

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Happy Weekend, all!

19 thoughts on “Weekend Links / / A Giveaway”

  1. Love this! Is the giveaway open internationally? I would LOOOOVE to have some goodies from Nashville. My husband and I lived there for three years and always say if we ever move back to the States, that’s where we’ll land!


  2. That would be so scary to find out that you were positive for the BRCA-2 gene, but, if it ran in my family, I would definitely find out as well. I’d rather know and take preventative measures so I could continue to see my daughter grow up than risk missing out on a moment of my family because I was too terrified to seek help early!

  3. THAT BOHO DRESS!!!!!!! i need it in my closet!
    also, i’m kind of in love with the hostess gift ideas!
    & the vegan wraps
    basically, all of your links (as always) are on point ma’am!

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