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Tribal Sweater

Fall and spring are challenging seasons to properly dress for. You need the right weights of fabric and the perfect amount of layering. It’s tricky to get these elements in perfect balance. Living my whole life in the midwest (until now), I grew accustomed to what autumn weather feels like. Generally speaking once Halloween hits, the temperatures are consistently in the 50s-40s (Fahrenheit) and continue to dip even lower!

In the fall, Nashville temperatures can vary vastly in the course of a day. The early mornings might be in the 30s or 40s but by the afternoon it can soar up into the 70s! It is the beginning of November and we’ve still had a few days in the 70s. This change in weather pattern has been difficult for my midwestern brain. Should I put my summer clothes away? When is it time to commit to winter gear? Instead of completely storing my warm weather clothes, I’ve invested in several transitional pieces to carry me through fall.

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

This little black dress is transformed from summer wedding fare to cool date night attire with the addition of riding boots and a cozy wrap sweater. The open weaving on this sweater makes it perfect for this transitional period. To prolong the wear of any dress, try adding tights or thick leggings underneath. I do it all of the time!

I was immediately drawn to this printed tribal sweater from Five Sparrows Boutique because of the beautiful color pattern. I love turquoise and even though I don’t wear orange a lot, I seem to gravitate towards warm colors in my home decor. In high school, my bedroom was orange and we have pops of it in our apartment!

In what ways do you transition your wardrobe in-between seasons?

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

Five Sparrows Boutique Nashville

Vinnie Louise Black Dress (similar) | Five Sparrows Boutique Tribal Sweater c/o | J. Crew Riding Boots (similar)

26 thoughts on “Styled | Transitional Clothing”

  1. Ooh! I love this look! I have a black dress that something like that would look perfect with, now I just need to find the right cozy wrap sweater. 🙂

  2. girl.
    you are seriously STUNNING – like your eyes in these photos = YES.
    Also, i love this post. we will start the day right now around 50 degrees – get up to like 77 – and then down to the 50s again. i LOATHE it.
    i need to move more north haha.

  3. Love this fancy/casual combo – and love your hair! I’m re-figuring out the midwest layering thing over here now that I”m back in Michigan… and am feeling a tad jealous because I couldn’t pull off this cute look any more. Too cold! I would, however, love to layer up that fabulous cardigan with all my jeans and other warm stuff 🙂

  4. I just love all of your style posts and your style in general. I know I’ve said it before, but I just love it! That is a gorgeous cardigan! It’s rare I wear much color, but I love the color pairing in that cardigan. And of course, I love a good black dress!

    1. Thank you, Summer!! I used to wear a lot more color than I do now. I like how the cardigan allows me to keep all my accessories to a minimum as I tend to forget to wear jewelry anyway. Haha.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Those are the perfect boots and I love the earrings. Seeing the outfits that are getting more appropriate for chilly weather in the states makes me appreciate my hot weather all the more! 😛

  6. I love the sweater and boots. The cardigan’s are great to wear on a long flight too! I also love how your hairstyle for the shoot! So pretty as always!

  7. LOVE this look! I am so excited to have discovered your blog through “Blog Passion Project”! I am loving reading through it and getting to know you more! I am so excited to be your newest follower and can’t wait to connect with you more!
    Rebecca 🙂

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