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I have been participating in Jenna and Anne’s “Currently Link-up” for exactly one year! I love their prompts and I hope you enjoy reading my monthly snippets.

Planning / / Jordan’s new computer came in last week (woohoo!) and instantly we (ok, mostly Jordan!) went to work transferring files and catching up on deadlines. Jordan will be traveling quite a bit this month, so we took advantage of our few days off together and did photoshoots for several upcoming posts.

Cooking / / I eat differently than a lot of my friends and family, so sometimes it is easier to provide my own food. I wouldn’t expect everyone to completely alter their food plans for me. Thus, I’m playing around with a few simple dishes to bring with me for Thanksgiving. I’m experimenting with sautéed tofu to eat with a side of rice and beans (plenty of veggies will be supplied). It isn’t your typical Thanksgiving fare but I am eating plenty of pumpkin and fall inspired meals at home! For me, it’s more important to spend time with my family.

Smelling / / My fall candle obsession is still growing strong. We finished “Sweater Weather” and now have “Pumpkin Pecan Waffle” burning. It’s like we’re living in a bakery.

Appreciating / / On the few mornings I’m not at work before 6 AM I fully embrace slow mornings: cuddling in bed, making coffee (and drinking it with my new favorite almond milk creamer from Silk which is a game changer!) and reading. It’s especially nice this time of year when an extra blanket is needed to cozy up in!

Anticipating / / I am so excited to visit Chicago this month. There isn’t always a guarantee to receive time off during the holidays when working retail. My store is really accommodating and I feel extremely fortunate to have five days off to spend time with our families.

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  1. A year! That flies – so glad to always have you! Sounds like some fun updates… love a fresh, new computer, some good photo shoots, and of course a trip to Chicago! We’re contemplating one this month as well to visit my sister.

  2. Your talk of pumpkin pecan waffle candles and almond milk creamer has my stomach growling. I feel a sweet treat coming on. 🙂 I usually drink my coffee black, but there’s something soothing about a creamy coffee in the winter. I hope you enjoy your trip to Chicago! Thanksgiving and Christmas in Chicago are the best!

  3. ahh…i would love to troll around on y’alls photo shoots! i’m sure i could learn a few things!
    also, i love that you’re cooking some things yourself. i have a few friends with allergies – and i try to be more aware of them when making things for group parties!
    HUSH. Silk makes creamer?!?! GASP how did i not know this!?!? seriously, i need it in my life.

  4. I can definitely relate to appreciating. Today is my day off and I’ve been cuddling on the couch with my cup of tea and reading a good book. Slow mornings are glorious.

  5. Your candle sounds absolutely divine! It makes me want to whip up some waffles! I could kill for some slower mornings! I start work at 7 a.m. and only get up as early as I have to, to make it in on time. I could easily solve this problem if I got up earlier, but I’m not willing to do that quite yet 😉

  6. Are you vegan/vegetarian? I used to be pescatarian, but when I started dating my boyfriend – a loyal meat eater – it changed within the first few months. I’m interested in becoming a pescatarian again now that we have been dating for almost 3 years and have a good meal plan down! 🙂

  7. I love prompts like these and do a similar one every month! And, girl, I feel you on the food thing! I’m a vegetarian and always feel bad when others have to change or add to their menu to accommodate me. It’s so much easier to bring my own food and save everyone the headache. 🙂

  8. I’m with Brittany’s comment above…that candle sounds like such a yummy smell! 🙂 I love fall scents too. PS, you always have such gorgeous photos of you for your posts! I love your style and you photograph so well 🙂

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