Quantity Time with Our Canadians

Explore Nashville

One of my most favorite parts of blogging is the ability to look back and see growth and development: individual growth, but also communal (friendship) growth. Mike and Keira have popped up a few times on A Short Blonde. Jordan and Mike were in two bands that toured together ten years ago (!) but it wasn’t until they came down for a wedding in Chicago two years ago that our friendship as a foursome really developed.

In April we spent several days exploring Toronto with Mike and Keira and a few weeks ago they came to Nashville! I’m excited to see where we’ll meet up next.

We took our job as tour guides seriously and brought them to all of our favorite places: from burgers to pizza, from coffee to books, from records to pumpkins and even a little bit of country music.

Explore Nashville

Explore Nashville

Did you read this article, The Myth of Quality Time? I first heard about it on the Around the Table Podcast. Essentially the author claims it is impossible to plan deep connection. It isn’t quality time, but quantity time which allows for relationships to blossom.

We delude ourselves when we say otherwise, when we invoke and venerate “quality time,” a shopworn phrase with a debatable promise: that we can plan instances of extraordinary candor, plot episodes of exquisite tenderness, engineer intimacy in an appointed hour.”

It is in the mundane weekends, running errands, folding laundry and cooking dinner where marriages become strengthened. It is the family vacations and weekend visits where deep conversations happen randomly while kids are running around in circles. Despite the fact that Mike and Keira live in another country the only kind of time we’ve experienced together has been amazing; quantity filled with quality.

Explore Nashville

Barista Parlor Nashville

^ If you leave Nashville without visiting at least two coffee shops you didn’t do it right! 😉

Explore Nashville

Explore Nasvhille

Explore Nasvhille

^ I didn’t realize we matched like a family Christmas card until AFTER I began going through the photos! Haha.

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  1. This looks like a fun weekend! My husband and I are traveling full-time this year, and two of our closest friends are coming to join us at Christmas. I could not be more excited!! Traveling is such a gift, but we’ve been mourning the loss of community at the same time. It’s true that quantity matters, and it’s hard to maintain close relationships when we aren’t near our friends. So.. needless to say, we’re excited to play tour guides ourselves this Christmas!
    Thanks for introducing me to that article too.. a good read!

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing about the family Christmas card lol but the picture really does look great. We just spent two weeks with a couple we are super great friends with in Italy and loved every second of it! Great friends are such a blessing!

    1. Thank you, Emily. It’s actually quite comforting. Prior to moving to Nashville where my best friend lives we would come for an extended weekend every year. Those simple four days made all of the difference in keeping our bond strong.

  3. Spending time with friends that live far away is always so much fun! I have met so many people through blogging throughout the country and cannot wait to hangout with them in person. I too am new to your blog (coming from #passionproject) and I am in love!

  4. What a fun time, great pictures! I love the one of Jordan snapping the shot. We played tour guides last weekend and we still felt like tourists – there is still so much exploring to do!

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