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Burger Up Nashville

Jordan and I moved to Nashville in September of 2014. Living here for a year, I finally feel like we are capable of giving legitimate answers to people when they ask for suggestions on things to do and places to eat around town. One restaurant Jordan and I suggest time and again is Burger Up.

Nashville has a few wonderful burger joints, but Burger Up is our favorite. It has a slight advantage being in our neighborhood, but I still would place it above the rest. Its location makes weeknight take-out and meeting friends for dinner extremely convenient. Some Nashville restaurants charge unwarranted prices like they are in NYC, Chicago or LA (I’m sorry… let’s not get ahead of ourselves here). But not Burger Up! Burger prices range from $10-$13. The meat (and some produce) is sourced from local farms. They also have gluten-free buns. Score!

Burger Up Nashville

Besides burgers, their seasonal salads are delicious. This is a simple garden salad, but I have had a summer salad with watermelon and a winter salad with beets, both were delicious. Lately my go-to is their quinoa black bean burger. I am researching different black bean burger recipes because I am obsessed – even Jordan likes it!

While waiting for your table at Burger Up you can freely walk around the neighborhood. I really like how restaurants here are moving away from the buzzer system and simply call or text you once your table is ready.

The cheerful atmosphere is given by high ceilings, communal seating and a friendly staff. I leave excited to come back again soon. If you are visiting Nashville, Burger Up is a must-eat situation.

Burger Up Nashville

Burger Up Nashville


Burger Up Nashville

19 thoughts on “Nashville Eats | Burger Up”

  1. Burger Up is super yummy for sure, but our favorite around here (hello fellow Nashvillian!) is Gabby’s. Now, Gabby’s is not a sophisticated joint like Burger Up, but they serve up a delicious burger. And with those crowds? You know you’ve made a good choice! We need to try the Pharmacy, but it just hasn’t happened yet…

  2. I ordered food to go here when it first opened. Sometimes I crave a good veggie burger. My favorite is the London chain, Honest Burger. I hope they expand to the US.

  3. Nashville food is the BEST! My brother lived there for awhile and I took a trip there with my fiancé last year. It turned into a bit of a foodie road trip as we spent most the trip trying new restaurants. This is one we didn’t get to. I am itching to go again, though!

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