Currently / / October

Fall scented candles

Eating / /  Soups, chili and stews. I purchased lentils for the first time last week and made a veggie lentil soup based off of this recipe from Forks over Knives (I added roasted squash and peppers). Jordan gobbled it up and didn’t even mention there wasn’t meat in it!

Exploring / / Even though we’ve lived in Nashville for a year and it isn’t the largest city, we still find a lot of new areas to explore. Having Mike and Keira with us over the weekend gave Jordan and I the opportunity to explore even more! I’m excited to share more about our time together.

Wearing / / October started with a week of rain. My Hunter Rainboots and J.Crew field jacket got a lot of wear. Nashville is back in the 80s this week, so my shorts and saltwater sandals haven’t been retired yet!

Admiring / /  The beautiful, warm fall colors. Pop up farm stands are all over town bursting with pumpkins and gourds! I can’t get enough.

Collecting / / Fall scented candles. I went and bought several from Bath & Body Works when they were on sale last week. We love being surrounded by the rich and sweet smells of Autumn.

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22 thoughts on “Currently / / October”

  1. I love lentils! Such a great legume 🙂 gwenyth paltro’s lentil salad recipe is a fave, as well as making lentil burgers. Yum yum. Did you get them pre-made from TJ’s or did you cook them yourself?

  2. I always enjoying your recommendations for hot spots in Nashville. I am looking forward to reading “Nashville Eats” by Jennifer Justus. She has a lot of local events this month on her website.

  3. I have been all about fall candles the last few weeks! I love finding new areas of my city, it’s like stumbling upon something from a storybook.

  4. This week’s dinners have been either homemade chicken noodle soup or chili! (I think I’m trying to pretend that it feels like fall outside even though it’s still pretty warm where we live :P)

  5. Yes, love the fall colors… and also the fluctuating weather. It’s a treat to pull out the fall stuff (jealous of your Hunters – every time it rains I remember how handy those would be, and then promptly forget when the sun comes back out), but it’s also a treat to get summer weather back for a week for sure. Thanks for linking up again!

  6. Oh how I love Fall candles & pumpkins!! It’s my fave season!! That’s awesome that you live in Nashville, cause I live just an hour and a half away in Cookeville! Small world! haha

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