Mount Adams Love

Mount Adams Cincinnati

Jordan and I spent last weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since Death Cab for Cutie wasn’t stopping in Nashville on this current tour, we decided to take a trip to Cincinnati and see them there. Because some of our dearest friends live in Cincy, we ended up making a full weekend out of it!

Cincinnati is a little less than five hours away from Nashville, which makes for an easy weekend getaway. We drove through a bit of rush hour traffic on Thursday (which added some time) but on our Sunday drive back, we cruised home. One of our top priorities for this trip was to visit Mount Adams, one of our favorite little neighborhoods. We last visited two summers ago, which you can read about here!

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

Mount Adams is a small neighborhood in Cincinnati, nestled high in the hills. The beautiful view of the city makes this romantic spot perfect for enjoying a meal, a relaxed stroll and taking loads of pictures.

Bonus? Parking in Mount Adams has never been an issue!

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

Jordan first brought me here ten years ago this coming December. I remember eating at a little Italian restaurant that now no longer exists. The restaurant had the movie An Affair to Remember playing quietly in the background, which we have started (but never quite finished) so many times since! Haha.

It was rather cold on that first date, but we went again the following summer which allowed us to explore even more! The little curvy streets and row houses still get me every time.

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

^ Ever the photographer finally being photographed!

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

^ Holy Cross Monastery and Chapel, mostly abandoned, (I believe some parts of the property has been used for commercial space, just not the main sanctuary) is undergoing renovations to become a banquet hall for weddings. I can’t wait to see the full transformation!

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

Mount Adams | Cincinnati

^ Coffee, first! There is an adorable local coffee shop, Bow Tie Cafe, that brews Intelligentsia, which is my favorite brand of espresso.


For lunch we ate at Teak, a Thai restaurant. Jordan ordered the Pad Thai and I had green curry. We gobbled our lunch up, it was so good! Thai cuisine has slowly become one of my favorites as it is naturally gluten and dairy-free.

It’s been really special visiting this place during different seasons of our life, from barely a couple, to engaged, to married and married some more! I’m curious what our life will look like the next time we visit.

Do you have a neighborhood or city you continue to visit to recreate memories?





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21 thoughts on “Mount Adams Love”

  1. The photos are so gorgeous! Looks like you had a beautiful day for a visit. And I especially love reading your memories of Mount Adams because we have a special association with it too – the very first area of town we stopped on our first visit to Cincinnati after finding out we were moving there (I had never been to Cincinnati before Peter matched there for residency). I’ve had some good sushi at Teak, but there were a bunch of other great sounding places that opened recently that we didn’t have a chance to get to before the move… time for a visit!

    1. Thanks, Katie! You are right, the view from up top is pretty amazing. The last couple of times we’ve gone have been during the day but we have had the chance to view it at night which is even better.

  2. Oh, that monastery is beautiful (even mid-renovation)! I’ve never been anywhere in Ohio and never knew that it wasn’t too far from Nashville. What a cute little town!

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