Currently / / September

Currently / / September

Reading / / Jordan and I started a new nightly routine over the weekend, reading a book together before bed. At least on the nights when we go to bed at the same time (some nights, Jordan enjoys my earlier bedtime and other times he gets one of his creative surges!) We chose to start with All The Light We Cannot See. Our entertainment tastes are very similar, but we haven’t ever read a book together at the same time!

Making / / In preparation for our birthday party on Sunday, I tested converting my mom’s cinnamon chocolate cake to be gluten and mostly dairy-free (because butter, hello!). The result was extremely successful. So successful in fact, I ate it for breakfast several days in a row. 😉

Pinning / / Well-currated airy rooms with lots of natural light. A major purge and organization episode is about to happen in our home and I am so excited!

Anticipating / / Our birthday party on Sunday and our actual birthday on Monday! I can’t wait to celebrate with Jordan. He’s turning 30!!

Loving / / All of the summer fruit, keep em’ coming! Jordan and I shared a Georgian peach on Saturday and oh man, it was so sweet and delicious!

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  1. Reading a book together sounds so fun! I don’t think Josh would ever be up for that though, haha. He doesn’t like reading! That’s great that y’all have found a fun way to relax together in the evenings that doesn’t involve watching the TV 🙂

  2. Loving that Pinterest board – following!
    We just bought our first house and have been painting/renovating room by room, and I never thought I would go this neutral, but we painted our entire bedroom stark white. We realized that all of the rooms we liked (browsing Pinterest or Houzz) all happened to be white. SO GLAD we went with it because it brightened it up so much. Every inch of the interior was a brown or dark tan. So blah and dark!

    1. Congrats on purchasing your first home!! The first few apartments we lived in we chose warm neutrals until I finally discovered how amazing a crisp white is! It just makes everything more open.

  3. I’m so interested in how you’re doing this reading together thing. Are you reading the same book at the same time, but separately? Or are you reading it out loud together? I’ve been wanting to read that book — let me know what you think of it! And happy early birthday to Jordan!!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! I have a September birthday as well. All the Light We Cannot See is a beautiful book. I love your idea of reading together.

  5. Oh, I LOVED that book. And I love it even more that you’re reading together! And yay, birthday party… as someone who has turned 30, I say it’s an excellent day to celebrate big. Enjoy!

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